Cursed BotW Cartridge?


Mar 4, 2017
[..East Coast, USA..]
I've been playing Breath of the Wild from the start, and I was able to beat Ganon within a few weeks (without using a single cheat, guide, or tip sheet, tyvm). I was disappointed that it didn't automatically return me to Hyrule to finish out my side quests, so I just went back in through my last save. I never got my accomplishment star, which I had later learned other players were getting. That star unlocked things like the Elite photo category and a visible percentage of map completion. I continued playing, though, and started focusing on all of the tedious stuff like Korok hunting and mini games.

After the DLC started rolling out, I had accomplished a lot more, and I wanted to fight Ganon again. I beat the game again (now with all my memories and such, for the bonus ending scene), made sure to take photos of Calamity/Beast/BoL, and still didn't get my star. I missed a few White/Blue Lynel weapons that I needed for my Compendium, but at that point of progress, those guys only appear in the Gatehouses; after ten or so battles against them with those items never dropping, I surrendered and went to buy them from Symin. I had originally missed my Blight Ganon pics but got them during my second chance in Champions Ballad, so yay, but, I still needed Master Khoga, Calamity and Beast Ganons, and the Bow of Light. I learned that they were in the Elite Enemy category that unlocks after beating the game (which I did two or three times already), but it never unlocked for me.

My boyfriend still had three Divine Beasts to restore when he first fought Calamity, and he took end-game pictures (Ganons, BoL), and he got credit for those after he beat the game and resumed from his last save; he also had the elite photo category unlocked. I sat and watched him, he did everything like I did (except with less finesse and strategy than I demonstrate), but he got his star and the perks I was missing out on.

Another glitchy thing that happened during Champions Ballad was that my Shrines never appeared after clearing the four monster camps with the One-Hit Obliterator. I was running around all night murdering bees and boars, trying to figure out what I missed. My adventure log said I was done, but the shrines never rose. I rebooted my Switch, nothing. I closed and reopened the game, and they finally showed up. I stayed away from the Internet for a while to avoid spoilers, but when I realized that there was clearly a problem, I looked for help. I saw that some people had that shrine issue. and that it was driving them crazy trying to resolve it.

Still, no matter how much I look, I cannot find any explanation for why I'm being denied my star. I took Screenshots each time I beat the game, so I can prove what I did, and when. It's just bumming me out to think I might have to scrap my game by starting a new file, and losing my old file under a string of Autosave sessions. I suppose I should back it up onto my computer before I do anything risky. Any help? Anyone else know this pain? Is there an active, responsive, support E-mail address to direct my issue to? I really don't want to have to use my warranty credit to ship my entire Switch off to the abyss so it can be checked out.. I can never get any straight answers from the Best Buy employees and I had a really rough time getting my Joy-Cons replaced, so I just don't feel safe trusting them with my baby.
*Puts on garlic necklace*
*Makes tin-foil hat*
*Gets machine gun*

Edit: Just preparing for the only possible explanations, Vampires, Aliens, or Nazis.
@dustinb12 Well, I haven't played BoTW yet, but from that support forum you posted it looks like one of the people figured their problem out. They said something like "I figured it out, there was a 'silver boboklin' that I forgot and once I found it the shrine came up." That seems like it might work? The original quote was,

"I take what I said back. There was a silver boboklin that I never found (until recently), and that's why the shrine didn't appear."
right, it's a very fickle challenge. I really don't think that's what's going on with @Cynicallia . Something just aint right
@dustinb12 Dang. Alright, this one goes a little off track but it will come back in the end so hear me out.

When my brother and I were moving xbox's we lost all our save data on everything. We decided to start over the game Borderlands. It had been so long since we had played those first missions we accidentally just skipped over a bunch of stuff and somehow the saves got corrupted. Unlike some of the other corrupted save problems we've had, you could still play the game on those saves if you disconnected from the internet. After we did that things started happening like there was this mission where a guy named "T.K. Baha" was supposed to be checked on. While he was usually sitting on his chair on his front porch in front of the door to his house (the door being permanently closed) this time he wasn't in his chair and the door was open. When you went in he was hanging from the ceiling fan. When we were playing on the corrupted saves it said that we had already completed every mission in the game so it wouldn't let us do any missions. On top of that, it was like every mission was active, like "T.K. Baha" was both sitting in his chair (very much alive) and he was hanging from the fan in his house with the door opened.

Maybe something like this happened with @Cynicallia and the game thinks that they already have the mission completed? Maybe i'm just as crazy as T.K. Baha was xD
exactly, something like that. This is why i really try to get physical copies, especially on the bigger games if i have a choice.
@dustinb12 This has nothing to do with the conversation, but your last comment made me think of it. Wasn't there a game for the switch that it's sequel was so large it couldn't fit on the cartridge so it is digital only? I feel like I heard that somewhere.
@Heigw yes! Flipping' WWE 2K18. From what i read its an absolute unplayable mess. So the cartridge is so many GB, and the rest has to be downloaded. Just sounds like a problem from day one, don't it? Im disappointed in that one. I really was ready to unload my $$$ on it. Not now
Thanks for trying, guys, but I still can't figure out why I haven't gotten my star. No vamps, aliens, or nazi scum hanging around to blame, either. I live alone with my boyfriend in a secluded place where we never have company, so it's just the two of us and no visitors or kids. We don't mess with each others' stuff, and no one else could have, so it's not like anything got handled, unplugged, dropped, splashed, frozen, or otherwise messed with by anyone without me knowing about it. My gaming area is kept clean and the temperature never gets extreme. We got our consoles and games on release night, so they were as "fresh" as could be, never kept in storage or chewed on by toddlers, just taken right home and lovingly adored. None of my other games have ever had a functionality problem, and BotW works perfectly except for this bizarre issue.

The Ballad of Champions thing was just being slow; I did do everything right, it just needed to be rebooted a few times to acknowledge I was done. I was so paranoid about screwing up that I made sure to kill everything in one run. Not even the bees escaped my wrath.

I'll just keep trying every once in a while. It is disheartening because no matter how many times I win, I can't progress. I want to finish my game 100%, but without the Star and Elite photo gallery, I'm just going to be killing time without achieving anything.

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