Daisy Appreciation Thread


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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)
I finally decided to create this to give Daisy the love that I think she deserves.

Any other fans are welcome to talk about games that Daisy appears in or just post cool fan art about her.

This is something cool that I found.
well here goes:

my appreciation for Daisy started in MK Double Dash, when she constantly passed me up.

I fought through the frustration and discovered she is quite the golfer, when i used her in Toadstool Tour, and World Tour

So of course i used her in tennis, where she very much excels

And finally i decided to take a trip to Sarasland and free her
btw i was trying really hard to put a few pics in that post and can't seem to figure it out. Could you point a dunce in the right direction?

it's for the appreciation of Daisy!
Yeah! So basically in order to put images into a post, you have to have a URL. I use the program photobucket. You can upload photos from your computer. Once it finishes uploading, it says beneath the photo, a direct link to the photo. You can use that URL into that tree icon in the reply box. You copy and paste that and your photo appears!

Sorry if that's really confusing.

now I'm getting the hang of it. i had no idea she was so popular in the anime circles


Good Job! :) Yeah once you get the hang of it, it's easy! I posted some more pictures too. Daisy is looking cute.
Does anyone know of any good games that either Daisy stars in or it features her in a good light?
well, super mario land for the gameboy was her first game, but she's always just a playable character in everything else as far as i know. it would be nice for her to get her own game, Waluigi as well

in the new Mario Golf, i have unlocked a Daisy costume to play in with my mii. Allow me to say that i don't make a cute Daisy!
Daisy is so fucking cute I am love! :oops:

I have a good time tonight with picture of her playing tennis it make me go :eek: and :oops: all fucking night long! ;)
@Nintenyearold alright dude, I would tone down the language just a tad. It takes the power away from the swearing if you swear in every sentence you write. ;)
Sorry my main man for the swears. :(

it is just Daisy make my blood boil hot and I want to **** her hard **** ******! :oops::oops::oops::oops:
Okay, I don't care if you swear.. I swear all the time.. but that above post is really derogatory to me.. I mean you're telling me that you want to fuck her all night long? I mean c'mon. I guess it bugs me when men say that about having sex. It makes women seem like objects. I mean technically Daisy is a character/object but still she is a lady.. :p so maybe could you not say things like that on the forums? I would appreciate that.
It's not a problem, I mean I am not mad or anything, I just would appreciate if you didn't really talk about women that way.
so we got a pet Guniea pig a couple months back, and the family named her before i met her. as in while i was at work. she's white with a reddish-brown circle around each eye, as well as her ears. she's quite sassy and fun to play with.

Guess what they named her
Sweet Sweet Canyon.jpg
Look it's Baby Daisy in her cute little car in Mario Kart 8! I played as her yesterday at my friend Peter's house.