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Mar 25, 2016
So these days, the trend is toward online dating. But the problem is, there is a conflict of interest between men and women. The average man approaches a woman with the idea of a one-nighter. The average woman has decided to become old-fashioned with the highest moral values possible in her opinion, because it's the latest trend. Both are kind of dumb. The problem with the men is pretty obvious. The problem with the women is their reason for being prudes isn't because of anything but "it's the latest trend". Also, the latest trend is friendzoning several men for a long time with the hopes that somehow, she will decide one of them is relationship material.

Now don't go thinking these women are pure and honest either. In my experience, they will agree to an exclusive relationship with you, possibly even enforcing it, then 50% of them will answer "yes" if a really attractive man asks her on a date while you two are in a beginning relationship.

Then on dating sites, you've always got these weird, catchy sayings that are never thought through, like, "The hardest part is saying hello." And every woman puts the same thing on her profile. This is Facebook all over again.

Speaking of Facebook, it is a drama pit where people brag about their husbands or wives, their $50,000 houses, their dog or cat, etc. They will be out with their friend for a sandwich from Subway and will take a selfie of themselves with lettuce in their teeth. Hash tag #Outwithfriend. Like really? Who wants to see that? And did your friend even agree to that picture?

Now I'm not saying everyone is like this. Somehow, most real gamers seem to have increased intelligence in my opinion. Maybe because it takes a certain level of intelligence to say, master a video game.
Most dating sites are kinda bad, and are a mashup for people who don't know what they want. If you want a quick relationship (with the chance of continuing with someone you like) then use Tindr (or Grindr), and if you want a lasting relationship then try a proper paid site like eHarmony. if you want to get into deep shit try Ashley Madison.

But I'm not really looking at the moment. At this rate I'll probably just get my affairs and health in order then jump straight to finding someone to marry.

I've found that I've done a decent job of culling meaningless blather from my Facebook page (I mostly just use it to communicate with relatives). I'm seeing the benefit of Miitomo and forcing every post to take the form of the response to a question.
I date with a serious relationship in mind. Not marriage though, because I don't aim that high.

As far as what website I go to goes... I just go to the website with the highest ratio of responses to non-responses.
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Where in the holy hell can you buy a house for only 50 grand? Be like getting a new gaming PC for 5 bucks
^ It would be a trashy house. What I was saying was that people on Facebook will brag about things that even aren't that good.

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