Did any GBA game or console ever require input of personal information?


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Oct 12, 2015
Game Boy Advance SP
Such as email addresses, accounts, passwords, personal info, including with the use of the mobile online adapter thing or other add ons? Like if someone else purchased or received any of my GBA/SP cartridges or the console itself would there be any feasible way in which any of my personal info like email addresses passwords accounts of anything would be attached? Thanks.
I've never owned a mobile online adapter for either my GBA or SP. I know that many cartridges do retain your saved games, and you should delete these save files, if the feature is available and are selling these carts. This also includes any other personal information that a game may ask from you. But to this very day, I haven't owned a single game on the GBA that retains things like emails addresses, passwords and other accounts.
What sort of information do you recall ever being saved in the games?