Did anyone else have trouble find a place to buy WiiFit?


Mar 19, 2016
Nintendo 64
I never managed to acquire a board, because it was always out of stock when I wanted one, this was a major issue with WiiFit that was very disappointing for me. I'm not sure why they never produced enough units in the first place, but eventually I gave up and still haven't got one to this day.
Well that certainly sounds frustrating. I did not have the game but I did play it quite a bit with some friends, but I am pretty sure that they always had some in stock if I really wanted to get one. I am surprised that you have not been able to reserve one or anything. You might have saved yourself some money though, because the whole game is really not all that great, in my opinion anyway. Thanks for sharing.
yeah, i seem to remember having almost as much trouble finding this as i did Guitar Hero for the wii. I used to get up early in the morning and do some yoga stretches before work. It has plenty of shortcomings and plus i've since joined a gym so i wouldn't worry about missing out on this game too much.

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