Did Miyamoto kill the Mario RPGs?

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Apr 30, 2016
I am a big fan of the Mario RPGs. Only the canon ones, however. That would include:

Super Mario RPG.

Paper Mario -> Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga -> Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time -> Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

In my opinion, these are all great titles that any Nintendo fan could enjoy. Even Super Mario RPG, which is overrated to some extent, and is a bit dated.

Super Paper Mario was different, but if you count it as a spin off title in the Paper Mario series, it's still fine in its own right. I would say this game is also overrated though, since there was a big change in gameplay, being a Platformer with RPG elements. The story is also overblown in the Paper Mario fanbase, and Count Bleck was not a good villain. In spite of all this, it still gets positive reviews as opposed to average or mixed reviews, even though all six titles I mentioned above are superior to it. One misstep doesn't ruin a series though, and Paper Mario/Mario RPG fans all patiently waited for a true sequel to Thousand Year Door.

However, Sticker Star was in development and to be released in 2010. Initially, it was supposed to have a deep plot and the full RPG system was going to come back, but Miyamoto stepped in and told Intelligent Systems to overhaul the game and delay the release date to 2012. It was stripped of its entire RPG formula, only left with a turn based battle system that you're actually much better off avoiding, and that's only the beginning of its flaws.

Ever since then, the Mario RPGs like Dream Team and Paper Jam have been simplified in gameplay and storytelling, with fans of both series starting to lose even more hope. Rumors for the new Paper Mario for the Wii U were being spread around, and Paper Mario/Mario RPG fans everywhere decided to give Nintendo one last chance. Unfortunately, this only nailed the coffin shut, as it only looks like Sticker Star 2. Backlash has been spread all across the Internet about this game, and Nintendo is only falling on deaf ears.

This is why I think Miyamoto ruined the Mario RPGs. I don't understand why he doesn't seem to like the perfect setup of platforming Mario and storytelling Mario. It's not like Mario & Luigi should be the official RPG series either (which is also going downhill), since Paper Mario is on the home consoles and Mario & Luigi is a handheld series (with the exception of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which was on the 3DS).

I understand Nintendo has been churning games out of the shitter lately... Federation Force for example. However, this is the third strike for Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi has one last chance to hit the ball, as well. Nintendo might as well discontinue these two series if they're going to disgrace them even further... The fact that there are petitions to cancel Color Splash should tell you enough. However, seeing as how they milk Mario games like crazy, realistically, that's not going to happen.

Your thoughts on this matter?
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I think the whole Wii era had a focus on more linear storylines. Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and even Super Mario Galaxy are evidence of this. I'd like to believe that Nintendo has realized this and is pushing back to better story lines. Zelda U's open-world promise is a very good example of this. I have no idea what Color Splash will be, but the trailers do not eliminate the possibility of a proper battle mechanic (and I really doubt the horror that it might be another Sticker Star has fallen on deaf ears).

I will wait and see. I do believe that Nintendo has realized that they need to do things differently.

I should really play Super Mario RPG one of these days. I'm mostly free this week...

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