Did the GBA even bother with horror games?


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Feb 18, 2013
I can't even recall a good GBA horror title. Then again... well I can think of at least three good or at least interesting horror titles for the DS, but I got nothing for the GBA. Do you guys remember anything or was the GBA simply a machine for Pokémon titles?
It was a Pokemon machine, and a Mario machine, their were a lot of good mario games for it (although that can be said about any Nintendo system)... I can't think of any horror titles for it, although I will try to google it.

EDIT: I searched google, and it came up with NOTHING!
I know! I looked on Google, I looked on Bing, I asked my friends... I just don't see anything regarding horror games for the GBA. It was just Pokémon and I guess Mario... The DS was seriously a step up for Nintendo.
It was a console marketed at kids, back in those days pretty much all consoles and games were marketed at kids. It's not until the 2000s when games started appealing to an adult demographic. So you really can't blame Nintendo for not releasing games that were outside of their primary demographic.
Kids like horror Medza. Hence the success of such works as Goosebumps, Animorphs, Monster House, and why most of Nintendo's old commercials were needlessly horrifying. Also I think you might be somewhat confused - GBA was late 90s early 2000s. Yeah. I remember getting Pokémon Yellow on color so GBA was for later stuff... So your excuse doesn't really hold regardless.
There were no horror games for the GBA, much less a good one. There were a couple of mature games, like Doom/Doom 2 and Wolfenstein, but nothing intended to be horror. The GBA really had a large, balanced library, especially for platformers, puzzlers, and RPGs, not just pokemon.
How balanced can you be with no horror? That said there was a pretty good catalog for the GBA... aside from the like totally unforgivable lack of horror titles. That said all I really recall from the GBA was the few million pokemon entries for it.
OniBlackMage said:
There were a couple of mature games, like Doom/Doom 2 and Wolfenstein, but nothing intended to be horror.
Those were the two that I was going to cite. Nightmare Before Christmas: Pumpkin King had spooky elements in the category I suppose Goosebumps would be in. Wouldn't the Buffy game fit in that as well?
Le gasp - there was a Buffy game? ...My life has no meaning until I find and complete this game. I don't even know why I want to complete this game, but something tells me I have to.
Actually, if memory serves, it wasn't THAT bad. Given it was something created to advertise something else. Also, it complimented the three hundred tiny Buffy/Angel face hearts I tattooed on my forehead. :p
Well I never said it was bad - I just didn't know it existed and for some reason I desperately want to play it... and I don't know why... I don't know why.

...THAT'S why! :D

For myself, that has to be one of the best intro instrumentals for a television series. They should have very specific awards for that: And the winner for the 2014 Best Intro Instrumental For A Television Series goes to...
... You make an intriging point, but I think it might be the Buffy Speak - also Buffy was like Sailormoon with more vampires and demons and such. Also she didn't have a fifteen minute transformation sequences, but you can't have everything.
BanjoKazooie said:
It was a Pokemon machine, and a Mario machine
I agree completely. Besides, it'd be hard to do jump scares with GBA graphics. I'm guessing if they'd made some horror games it'd be more subtle RPG-esque ones like Yumme-Niki.
That was in fact a Silent Hill game for the GBA, -BUT- it was Japanese only and a visual novel. That's all I can think of.
I swear that I remember having a horror game on my GBA when I was a little Rusky. I'm going to have to put my google-fu to the test to try and find what it was. I'll report back later on what it was, and if it was as good as I remember it to be.
There where a few Castlevania games if you count them.
Lol I was just about to type that, but yeah I'd probably count them.
I'm not sure I'd really agree with that. I mean, there's plenty of indie horror games which use pixels. Whether or not that they're really as good as their 3D counterparts mind is another matter.