Did the number of games made to N64 bother you?

Sep 13, 2015
Game Boy Advance
There's a lot of discussion on what was the best video-game at that time, mostly revolving Playstation and Nintendo 64. One of the arguments that the PSX fans used a lot was the number of games released to both consoles. While N64 had a few but good games, PSX had a larger number.

So, at that time, did the number of games released to N64 bother you when you compared it to the games released to PSX? I'm not talking only about the exclusive games, but the variety you could have with one that you couldn't find in the other.
Not at all, quality over quantity is what I always say. To be honest, I only owned the Nintendo 64 so I wasn't too concerned with whatever was being released on the PSX. I'd get to play it once in a while when I went to a friend's house, but other than that, I don't think I would even check the PlayStation game section at Blockbuster's or at the store.
Well, I own all of the 3 major consoles of that era - PlayStation, N64 & Sega Saturn. I still collect games from them with the Sega Saturn being the clear winner as far as 2D quirky Japanese games are concerned. The PlayStation had the superior library overall and was a JRPG powerhouse. The N64's library was indeed small but sporting some of the best games of that era. Nintendo titles were the best of the bunch closely followed by Rare & Treasure releases.

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