Did you enjoy the Uncharted Series?


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Jul 30, 2016
Game Boy Advance
I have played the first 3 version, and I even remember downloading the demo for Drakes Fortune on the PS3 when it came out. I thought it was the most beautiful game I ever saw. The graphics were gorgeous, and now I haven't played the latest one, but I have been watching the walk through from the Rag Brads youtube channel.

The game is getting really good, I have always liked the story lines from the series, they are all good. It's like watching a movie at times.
I think they kinda suck then again I always felt ND makes mediocre games with a spit shine that passes itself off as good. Uncharted structure is really dumb. These are games afraid to be a video game so they try to be like a movie (I hate games that do that in general) but then ironically is more a video game than it wants to be. Climb glowing yellow thing scripted something breaks climb some more..yay? Suspense?..I guess. Half assed puzzles..actually no they are so easy they are no ass. The shooting is average and adds little. There is no consequence for this they add nothing but filler. Every game starts the same. You are somewhere and gotta climb glowing shit til scripted sequence of "danger".

Every trailer starts the same. Nate is somewhere and telling Sully this is the last time.. Zzzzzz.... always downgraded from E3 (0k that is every ND game) massively but they get a pass but Ubisoft does not. Can't criticize the great Naughty Dog right! Way of the Warrior is not one of the worst fighting games ever made right?

No Uncharted is just the popular trend of games lacking any real depth in game play and just trying to be a film. yes they have a good presentation and a cool theme and nice visuals..erm well they age super fast first and second games look like shit now. I still have the third game that came with my PS3 and I will never play it again. The Last of Us came with my PS4 and dear god I never wanna play that POS ever again. I sold it off.