Did you keep the boxes of your N64 games?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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As someone that loves to collect games, I always keep my games in pristine condition and in their original packaging. Most games these days come in dvd-style cases that are very convenient and durable. That wasn't always the case with Nintendo games. If we go back to N64 days and beyond, Nintendo would release their games in cardboard boxes. While they were attractive and the artwork would really pop out, they were not as durable.

The other problem is that they were a little too big and took up quite a bit of shelf-space. I know many folks would throw away the box and just keep the cartridge and perhaps the manual.

Did you keep your original N64 game packaging or did you throw them away?
Unfortunately I made the mistake of discarding the boxes which at the time seemed so irrelevant! I wish I could go back in time and keep both the boxes and the manuals as some of them go for a hefty price. I was surprised at how much some people were willing to pay to get an empty box. Their almost like antiques!


Same here, as a kid those cardboard boxes didn't survive very long at all. I think I may still have The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Goldeneye 007 in their original boxes though, I'd have to check!
In retrospect, it's so very strange that the prevailing attitude decades ago was to think of the box (with its often beautiful cover art) that a game came in as packaging to be discarded (as if it were on par with the plastic wrapped around it!) and not another part of the product to be preserved (like the instruction manual)! Sure, there are plenty of other products that we did and still do the very same thing with their boxes: but only a mad man would have thought of tossing out the cover to a LP, VHS, or CD and to me a video game cartridge is in that very same category! :confused:

If one could send messages back to one's past self, I would certainly tell my younger self to keep those boxes in pristine shape! (After sharing a few winning lotto numbers and such first, of course!) ;)
Whenever I had a game system and bought new games I would just throw out the boxes. The exception was if the games were on cd disks, but any of the consoles with cartridges I would just stack the up in a box. Probably not the safest way to preserve your games.

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