Diddy Kong Racing - Did you play?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Most people look at me like I'm insane, but if you've played this game you actually know how well it played. From the Carts to the Boats and the Hovercraft and Airplane, the expansive level systems, and the races actually played really well. All the hidden and side stuff made the racing game seem like a RPG kind of like Mario 64 and collecting Stars.

Did you play? Who was your favorite character? Did you enjoy the Airplane flights like I did?
DKR is still my favorite N64 game. I never really understood why it didn't get the level of attention it deserved, it was so much fun. I've always played conker and used the hovercraft, because the hovercraft was absolutely broken if you had the controls down. It could even beat the airplane in Hot Top Volcano, because it was so fast. Also the adventure mode was amazing. Having boss fights in a racing game, and an open world to explore, it all felt so new and different. It's kinda sad that we didn't get new DKR games, imagine having one DKR game per system just like Nintendo did with the Mario Kart series, that would've been insane.
I wish they would have too. There was just so much fun to be had. It was perfectly designed to widely appeal to a bunch of audiences, as well.
I enjoyed playing the game and my character was Diddy kong character, and enjoyed the graphics and designs in the game which were good and I liked how it was made. It was a enjoyable game and the music was nice to listen to, and it had different levels and good too play with other people at night or in the weekend. I reckon that it could have been a bit more popular at the time but there were more games that did do better in business than this one
I passed the game and unlocked all of the features. It was fun and addicting.

My favorite characters were the pink mouse and then second was Diddy Kong. Why the pink mouse? My friends would get so irritated that they got beat ll the time by a pink little mouse. Also I emphasized control over anything else. So the mouse had the best handling unlike Bowser that had a better top speed but could not take turns worth a damn. I noticed in later rounds when racing against level bosses I needed more top end but without lossing the control factor. So I then opted for Diddy Kong.
Oh yes, we had this at my house, I don't remember playing it much but from what I did play the game was amazingly fun which my brothers and me played often. I kind of wish Nintendo would give this an HD remake or another game in the series.
It's pretty damn cool to see a bunch of people share my liking for this wonderful game. Around here people are all like "Goldeneye 64" "Mario 64" "Perfect Dark" "Zelda" etc. There are so many under-appreciated good gems like this.

What was your favorite level from the game?
I loved Diddy Kong Racing. I still do, and recently introduced it to my little boy who is a big Mario Kart fan. Even now it plays so well, and though it looks really retro now, I still think it's brilliant!

One of my favourite DKR moments was during school- on a Friday afternoon there were a range of recreational activities you could choose from and by a stroke of misfortune I got put in an all boys 'gaming' group. Then the teacher produced DKR and I wiped the floor with every guy in the room; the satisfaction was immense.

My favourite level was actually the Icicle Pyramid battle level, and I always played as Pipsy :)
Loved that game! I still have it but haven't played it in years. I also can't fathom how it didn't get a much bigger following, it really had everything.
My favorite was the turtle, though I can't recall the name.
I remember I got to a part on the story where you had to go through all the levels again but mirrored and it was so hard. But yeah, my favorites were the battle levels! And the ones with hovercrafts too!
Man, it's nice to see lots of people have played it and enjoyed it as much as I do. Nice stories guys! I think we can all agree though, the Hovercraft is perfectly played was op due to momentum carrying you around corners and other stuff smooth as can be. Just gotta steer the right way.
I bought Diddy Kong Racing on launch but only played it sporadically. The graphics were amazing for the time, it definitely edged out Super Mario Kart 64 in this area. However, I found myself returning to SM Kart 64 more often while DKR was collecting dust.

The hovercraft and airplane flights were cool, they certainly contributed to the game. But I guess it wasn't enough to keep me playing, unfortunately. :(
Mario Kart was just designed for co-op or friend bashing fun. Meanwhile, DKR was meant for more racing with chances and odds to hurt people, more designed for skill/less combat. Each had their own wonderful charm, however. I enjoyed each.

Though, Just the level designs in DKR held so much "wonder" for me as a kid playing it. So many side-alcoves or hidden pathways. In a racing game. Rare just didn't make bad games, period.
I totally played! When I was little was when we had the N64 (I am only 14), and Me and my younger sister played that and Kirby Air Ride on the GC. I loved those days:D... Diddy Kong Racing was AWESOME! I always used to play as Tiptup and Krunch. It was definitely the racing game to get of its time!
Just played it on emulator again because it seemed fun. Man, I forgot how unforgiving some of those curves were.

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