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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
hey gang, i have been cable free for over 2 years and haven't looked back in the slightest. Well we have been trying to set up an antenna in the bedroom so we can sleep to our local channels. I had a cheap GE unpowered hooked up to my old tv through a convertor box and caught all my channels and then some, although it was very slow working, we were satisfied enough. Now we have a new Element brand tv and upon hooking up the antenna, i was missing quite a few channels. So i went to walmart and got an RCA Slivr amplified 50 mile radius antenna. Same ordeal. Ive moved the antenna closer to a window and gained a few of my channels back but not the one we need. I live less than 2 miles from this tower, and i catch everything but. The antenna is maybe 1 foot lower than it was on the old tv.

Anyone experienced in this project? I really don't want to start returning stuff to walmart but now I'm out 40$.
Everything up here switched to digital a little while back, so we have a satellite from Shaw with local channels for free - service and I believe installation also - because of accessibility requirements.

Not sure if that's much help, but it's something to add to your research.
oh wow, they gave y'all satellites? Here they gave the little digital convertor boxes. Im thinking the weather is playing a part, here in Louisiana its been raining for 3 days solid. I put the old antenna in my daughters room yesterday and she actually caught a couple more channels so location is playing a part as well. Thanks!
Just to make sure, both the new TV and the new antenna are purely digital? What do Amazon reviews say about this antenna model?
not 100% sure about the tv, the antenna had mostly great reviews. Both are less than 2 weeks old.

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