Dispelling Switch myths


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Mar 25, 2016
Switch doesn't have launch games

When announced, Switch had 5 games at launch. It now has 7, with the recent announcements of I Am Setsuna and Binding of Isaac, and that number may increase.

1-2 Switch is an overpriced game and should be a pack-in

When announced, people thought that 1-2 Switch would have a few minigames. It is now believed to have at least 24.

Switch is underpowered

Although it might be true that direct, unmodified ports of XBox One/PS4 games aren't possible, we don't even know the specs. If it has a Pascal and/or full speed clock speeds, it can probably go way beyond being half as powerful as the XBox One. We just have to wait for someone who knows what they are doing to tear one down at launch.

Switch controllers are way overpriced

They are, but so is the XBox One's. $60 for a controller that still uses AA batteries.

Switch console is overpriced

The price is reasonable for the technology, and I even believe that Nintendo isn't making overly massive margins from it. The problem is, we shouldn't have believed certain fake insiders and rumors stating it would only be $250.

Overpriced was the XBox One and PS3 launches.

Nintendo shouldn't charge for online

In certain ways, I agree. The system would be a way better value if they didn't. Hopefully they will use the money to build better servers.
My biggest problem with the 12Switch thing, is that people act like Nintendo wouldn't have increased the cost to $350. You know damn well they would have, so I'm glad its not a pack in. I wasn't gonna play it anyway. I doubt the people complaining the most would have either.
I think part of this is actually the fault of the presentation by not making it clear certain things, such as that 1-2 Switch is more than a paid demo. Half the population who watched the video still believe without reason that 1-2 Switch is like 3 minigames.
Switch will be a bat**** system

So now is where I try to convince you, the reader, to buy one. And I will focus on one point only: the screen. The spec says it is 720p IPS, which is really nice and a nice upgrade from the 3DS in general. But for some of the people who went to the recent Nintendo event and then posted on Neogaf, I believe there were hints that it looked almost OLED quality, with very decent viewing angles, etc. I will fetch a picture when I have the time.

There are better displays of the screen out there, but I don't like hotlinking people's picture, so...
I don't think the Switch Pro controller is over priced (or the Xbox One controller for that matter. I love being able to use any kind of rechargeable battery of my choosing as opposed to the PS4 controller which forces you to use it's horrible built in charger that only lasts a couple hours). The Switch Pro controller has from what I understand the gyro and HD rumble built in for ten extra dollars its not too bad. The joy-con controllers on the other hand are unreasonable for the average person (they may be worth the price if you add up the total of the tech inside) but for me personally I'm never going to buy another set. If I want any more controllers I'll just stick with the Pro models.
The way I see it is, the Joycons can be a better or worse value than the Pro controller.

Better if only one $40-$50 Joycon is needed for each player in a game.

Worse if two are needed - in which case, the Pro controller is cheaper.

So I assume you are going to play multiplayer Arms with the Pro controller and miss out on proper motion sensing?
I don't have any interest in Arms.

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