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May 13, 2016
Wii U
Hello there fellow nintendorks if you do not mind.

I was wondering if there is anyway to transfer money from the wii to the wii u.

I figured it would be a simple thing to do but I am having bloody trouble even getting an answer.

You see with my wii I got bored and put money on the system to buy virtual games (this was before the release of the wii u) and I happened to have some money left over after my splurge. Anyways my remainder after the splurge was about 30 bucks if I recall correctly. This 30 bucks would come in handy for some dlc my kid and I want for mario kart(dry bowser always my favorite and well my kid wants the villager, the pup sorry I forgot the name). Albeit sadly it seems there is no way to make this happen and I currently do not have the funds to purchase it right now otherwise.

So yeah is there anyway to transfer my money from the wii to the wii u or is it permanently locked to the wii console? If so that is quite rude.

(Sorry if this thread already exist)
Thanks. That is 30 dollars wasted. Meh such is life. :(
Can't you just do a transfer? It transfers everything including WiiWare and saves, but you can copy the saves back after.
The thing is I only care if the money transfers in such a way that I can use it for downloadable content. Otherwise it is useless I can just pull the wii up if I wish to play virtual console games from it.
If you use it on VC titles then you get a 90% discount on the Wii u versions. But yeah, they use completely different currency. That's why Nintendo worked it so that the 3DS, Wii U, and all future consoles use a unified currency.
Unfortunately I think that you may have lost that money my friend, as I was also told that the systems use a different currency so can't be transferred. Nintendo came under a lot of criticism and that's why they've now changed it as far as I'm aware.

Look on the bright side though, it could have been 60 dollars you'd lost! Sorry, that didn't really help did it?!

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