Do I have game buying addiction?


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Mar 25, 2016
I've owned the Wii U again for roughly 2 months and here are all the games I own:

Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade X
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Trilogy
Nintendo Humble Bundle games
Mega Man 7
Lego Jurassic World
Star Fox Zero + Guard (I just bought them again because I missed SF Zero)
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
Zelda Twilight Princess
Wii Fit U
Just Dance 2016
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Mario Kart 8

And there's also a chance I'm forgetting something.
You're missing SM3DW, MK7, WWHD, YEY, and SSBWU but that's just my opinion. What did you pay for those games? I don't know if titles like DK or Xenoblade have gone on sale or not.
Hey, you can never have to many games, what happens when the world runs out of programmers? Then you are going to have to play the games you already have.
Xenoblade Chronicles $20
Xenoblade X $38 used
Metroid Fusion - Free with Nintendo rewards program
Metroid Trilogy $20
Nintendo Humble Bundle games $10 total
Mega Man 7 $8
Lego Jurassic World $30
Star Fox Zero + Guard $60
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze $20
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $50
Zelda Twilight Princess $60
Wii Fit U $30
Just Dance 2016 $12
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse $40
Mario Kart 8 - Free with Wii U

So a little under $400, grahamf.
I wish I had money for games D:

At most I only have a few games for nintendo consoles (And I keep losing all my handhelds. I should not be trusted with anything)
Funny thing is, if we include the price of the Wii U, controllers, and external hard drive for it, I'm almost up to $800. And I wish that was my only platform, but I also have PC.

I'm sure I'm not alone though.

Also, I have actually been cutting down on eating expensive food to pay for my gaming habbit!
I think the last time I tallied up my game collection it was well over $1,000. It might even be $3,000 now; maybe even without including all the games I bought and sold switching from all-disks to all-digital.

The only purchase I regret is The Lego Movie Game; which I paid full price for, is slow and buggy as hell, and had dropped 50% to $30 a month after it came out.
I know I have spent upwards of 1000$ on games, systems, accessories, baloney..

But I've misplaced most of my handhelds (I moved a lot growing up, and well into my early adulthood). As of right now, I have my computer and my steam games. All my systems, games, and handhelds are either somewhere else, or they are super lost (My 3DS was lost to the void a year ago or more. Where it is? No idea. Poof. gone.)

In any case, I am always looking for bargains to replace them. Over and over again. I am not a smart girl.

At least I have Steam :3
Hence digital for me. I true have a gigantic Steam library (and a couple games from other sites that I've long forgotten about), and ejoy being able to just log in to bring them with me to any computer. I always have my Wii U and 3DS games with me on the console, and their tied to my account so if I lose the 3DS or the Wii U dies I can replace the console then ask Nintendo to transfer my account over.
My point was I have a lot of games for 2 months. Not when you compare it to the history of forever though.
Last year I had a period of 2 months I bought about 30 physical games. Most got cheap but still alot. I think I had almost 100 less games last year at this time.
Hobbies + impulsive buying patterns are the death of many people. Just remember that it's an impulse that consumes your money and then your time, select games wisely and don't invest yourself too strongly if it isn't gonna make you money, cuz you never know when tough times might ruin your spring morning :)
Personally, I don't think that if you can afford to buy the games without it affecting other areas of your life then you do have a problem, no matter how many games your buying.

If your choosing to buy games over food or paying bills then obviously that's a different matter altogether!
Maybe not an addiction, more like a passion. Unless you're spending more than you can pay, it's not a problem, it's awesome having a large variety of games to choose from, specially for people like me who can get sick of games really easily. Also, I'll check out these games you've bought, I need some new ones in my shelf XD
I'd like to call my addiction to gaming a passion as well but I'm not sure my friends and family would fall for it, but it might be worth a go! Seriously though, a lot of the time a passion CAN actually turn into an unhealthy obsession, but I'm sure that most of us are able to recognise when something is getting out of control and know what to do to stop it.

Those who do get addicted to gaming, you often find have an addictive personality anyway and they won't be able to enjoy many things without becoming addicted to it at some point.
Don't forger about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U. I still play online with it. Plus You should get Watchdogs for the Wii U. It's not that bad has people think.
Well I just think that you should view it as a positive. You could probably say that you have gotten the most use out of that console than anyone else. You have spread it out and tested all sorts of different games, so you can offer a unique insight into how they play and provide good recommendations for others or reivews for a general audience. It may be an addiction, but it doesn't always have to be a negative.
That's a good point and just because something is an addiction, that doesn't mean that it's necessarily doing you or anyone around you any specific harm. Put it this way, there are a lot of other addictions that you could get involved with that are far worse, and while gaming itself is seen as an addiction, I'm not sure if game buying can be classed as such.
As long as you can pay all of your bills, I don't see a problem. Just make sure you're also putting money in a savings account or something. It would suck to run into a sudden emergency and not have the money to pay for it (and that may result in you needing to sell some games). But hey, it's your hobby and there's nothing wrong with that! :) If you can pay for everything and it's not negatively impacting your life, go for it. Honestly, I used to be super into aquariums (now I move around too much, sadly) and that was a legitimately expensive hobby. Large video game collections are nothing compared to the price of reef aquariums, haha.

Are you going to pick up Smash Bros? It's a great party game if you're ever hanging out with more casual gamers.

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