Do you buy multiplats on Wii U?


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Aug 1, 2015
For me, I'm torn on this. When it comes to the lego games I will always get them on Wii U. However, I got Watch_Dogs on Xbox One before it came out on Wii U and I wasn't willing to get it again and start over.
I buy them all on the Wii U, because:

1. That is the only console of this generation that I have right now.
2. I would buy it on the Wii U anyway to support Nintendo.
No, and the reason is that I've been burned before. The game was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii, and I thought it was pretty good... Until I got the Xbox 360 version. The Nintendo Wii version cut out about 50% of the game! I couldn't believe how much of it was missing, although it was fun to replay it on the 360 later on, as it felt like a completely new game. In fact, I replay TFU every year and go through it. I wish they had done a better job with TFU2 so that it would have spawned more sequels; that series is dead now.
@Hyrule Chicken I feel the same way. I got a Wii the year it came out in 2006 and played exclusively on that until I got an Xbox 360 in 2008. However, the big thing for me was that I couldn't stand the Wii remote + Nunchuck combo for most games. For example, I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my Wii and after renting and playing it for the original Xbox I can say I would much rather have had that version minus all the extra characters that the Wii version had. In fact, I think after I got my Xbox 360 the only multi-platform game I ever got for the Wii again was The Sims 3 and in that case I got the Xbox 360 version as well.

I feel the same way with games that are both on Vita and 3DS, I choose the Vita version.
I totally forgot about Marvel Ultimate Alliance! That was actually a pretty decent game for the Wii, but you're right about the wiimote + nunchuck. It doesn't work too well for games like that, or another example is TMNT (based on the CGI animated movie, not the one with Megan Fox). I kind of feel bad for some of the publishers that had to retrofit their games to use that controller setup.
@Hyrule Chicken I would have a tendency to tilt my nunchuck sideways when I rested my hand and that was extremely annoying. I've been planning on picking up the gold version on the Xbox 360 if I can ever buy it.
Never. Every game that I own for the Wii U is exclusive to the system. I actually own more titles on the Wii U then I do on the PS4 because there are simply more compelling games for it. My PS4 is there mostly for those nice JRPGs that will be making their way to the west, eventually. Most of the games I own on the Wii U are Nintendo titles in any case, and those aren't available anywhere else.

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