Do you have your own theory on how the game protagonist can beat trainers with years of experiences?


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Aug 29, 2016
This never bothers me back then, but now that I got older I kind of feel there has to be a reason for this in the games.

How, just how did a newbie pokemon trainer, supposedly 10/11/12 years old kid (although the Black and White protagonists seem older), managed to defeat older pokemon trainers, experienced gyms leaders/Elite Four/Champions?!

The game protagonist is a super prodigy? I get that some may shrugged it off as "it's just a game", but I think speculating on stuffs like this is interesting as well.

So what do you guys think?
The leaders and Elite Four put philosophy in practice. They got it in their head that one specific type was the superior type and formed their entire team around that type. They got away with it because everyone sorta though the same thing, but then the protagonist comes along and doesn't give a shit about what type is better, only what is needed to defeat everyone else.
That's a solid speculation/theory. But it didn't quite work out in the later generations though. They introduced dual types in the newer games, where Pokemon can have two different types combination. There's one pokemon, Volcanion, has the most obvious contrasting dual type: a water and fire type.

An experienced trainer/gym leader should be at least knowledgeable about type advantage if dual type existed in their universe and they work hard in training their pokemon.

Actually, I try not to think about the most obvious answer: the games, at least for the first generation, is a game targeted towards gamers aging from 9 to 12, so of course the player avatar would be designed to have a similar age XD

But that's not fun! I really wish there's a good theory to justify why a young children is able to beat seasoned/experienced trainers......

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