Do you own a power glove?


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Jan 29, 2014
It's clear at this point I'm am a very retro gamer and I DO in fact own a power glove. I rarely use it other than with Bad Street Brawler. I feel quite nostalgic when playing that one. Does anyone else own a glove? Michael Jackson style excluded.
Does it make me a bad person if I say yes, because yes - then again I was something of an implusive buyer and so.... lot of novetly bits like the glove. So many novelty bits - and they were not worth it, but I enjoyed having them.
Never got the chance to own a Power glove. But I did get the chance to use it at my friends house back in the mid 90's.
I still have it in my possession and might, maybe, perhaps use it on occasion. Something else I am pretty interested in buying: A custom NES. I found someone who is doing it for relatively cheap. When I get it I'll be posting the pics here.
Post some pics of your glove, por favor.
I'll post one up here for you when I get a chance. I'm notoriously slow to form. I have the VHS as well. Which is quite useless unless I intend to sell it.
Sadly, no. A local toy store that stocked both the NES & Master System had a wide selection of games and accessories. They also had a demo of the power glove on display but they refused to sell it. I think that power glove must have been the only one available and that's why they turned down so many offers. Other toy and electronic stores didn't even have the power glove as a demo to begin with.
Getting a demo anywhere was almost impossible. The only gloves left were the one behind the glass and they weren't going to let you touch those. No way. But I forgot how much exactly they wanted for it at the time, it was the 80s. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't worth it. Even though it was featured on the movie "The Wizard". It just never was on my wish list, and my parent s wouldn't want to fork over the money for it anyways.
I also wish I owned a Power Glove. I remember seeing it in the 1989 film "The Wizard" and it looked really cool. I ended up playing with one at a friend's house and it was... Underwhelming, at best.

That being said, I would absolutely pick up a Power Glove now if I saw it cheap at a yard sale or something simply for the fact that I'd display it in my apartment!
That is the only reason I want one too! I also want a R.O.B to display in my room...

YES! R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) was... Well, I wish I could say he was awesome... I remember my friend getting one, we were all excited, getting ready for this awesome ROBOT! A freakin' robot!... But, it kind of did... Well, nothing really! Hahaha. It was kinda lame once you started playing with it. But it does look cool (like a Power Glove) and I'd definitely buy one at a yard sale or something. I won't buy it for the $100+ it's listed at on eBay though...

Edit: Here's a picture in case you've never seen one and you're too lazy to Google (hehehe)


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