Do you own a PS3 and an Xbox 360?

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Jun 24, 2013
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I just wanted to ask you guys how you think the PS3 compares to the 360? Currently, I own the PS3, but my brother has the 360. Honestly, I think the 360 has a better game library, but the PS3 has the Blu Ray player. As far as the next generation of consoles goes, I will only buy the Sony if I buy any at all.
The PS3 has a far better game library to me. It has pretty much everything that is on the 360, minus Halo, but it has Naughty Dog games, little big planet, a couple good JRPGs, and with PS+ you get a bunch of classics for free. I have both systems, and my PS3 gets a lot more use.

Next gen, I already have a wii u and 3DS, but as far as other consoles go, I will just stick to my sick gaming rig. Maybe I will get a PS4 in 2-3 years once the library builds up.
I have both and I barely use the Blu ray palyer on the PS3. Still, I love my PS3 a lot more then my Xbox. The graphics are a lot better and i think that the game library has a few games that are better then anything the xbox has to offer. Heavy Rain, Metal Gear 4 and the Uncharted series are some of the best games I have ever played in my entire life.
The PS3 has superior hardware, but is much harder to program for. Xbox 360 is supposed to be much easier to program for -- it's very similar to a PC. Thus, though the PS3 may have more potential, in reality, the 360 games generally have better graphics.
How is 360 similar to a PC? It has a PowerPC processor... as far from PC architecture as you can get.
Did he just like his own post? 8/

But yes, the 360 is not like a PC at all, almost every PC on the planet runs on X86 CPU architecture, which is extremely different than Xbox's xenon processor, which was a custom made power architecture chip, similar to powerPC, but there are some key differences. All and all, it is not nearly the same as PC, but you would be right saying it is easier to develope for when comparing it to the cell processor, and all of its stupid threads.
Sure, and I play the 360 far more than the PS3. It's the difference between Microsoft and Apple. Apple is prettier and has a great PR department, but at the end of the day it is pretty limited in what programs actually run on it and there generally isn't as much support/community built around it. Microsoft on the other hand is kind of ugly and lacks polish in some ways, but you can get pretty much whatever you need be it advice, help, software, mods, etc. because so many other people are there to help you. Also Microsoft gear tends to be a lot cheaper than Apple... so yeah.
I own a 360 but I have borrowed a PS3 friend a friend for a month and I must say that the PS3 was much better, the biggest reason for that is the free online play. Whilst the features of xbox live gold might seem more polished, they are not enough to justify having to pay extra for them when the competition is offering the same but for free. Here's some other observations that I made:
  • The PS3 can play blu rays so you essentially have a full media centre
  • If you do chose to pay for PSN you get much more than you get with live gold
  • The dualshock pads use a simple micro USB interface so you can hook them up to a PC and play anything you want
Now that I think about it, I regret buying an Xbox 360, should have bought a PS3 instead.
... Sony's online play got hacked which led to the loss of lots and lots of personal information. I'd rather pay Microsoft and not have my credit card information find its way into someone's grubby little hands. Another factor is there are simply more people on Live and generally better support then you'll find on PSN.

Blue rays cost extra for no real benefit for most people - and the 360 plays DVDs as well as Netflix so yeah. Also I can play music and .avi and .flv and surf Youtube and watch television so the 360 is a media center in it's own right.

Not that it matters at this point since they're both charging for online service now.
I own a ps3 and I love it way more than an xbox 360... I find it it pretty stupid to pay membership for xbox 360 when ps3 is totally free! Though most of my friends play on their xbox 360 more than their ps3. For me, a ps3 has more games and better graphics than the xbox 360. Also the blueray really comes in handy for me because I always purchase blue ray videos!
I've had both at the same time and Imust say the 360 just felt more fun and alive while the PS3 was dull and dead to me.
Consequently, I now have another 360 after selling both my 360s (250gb) & my PS3s (250gb).

And I've also got my XBOX live Gold subscription active on a month by month basis via voucher and I am very very happy with it ;)
Sandara said:
For me, a ps3 has more games and better graphics than the xbox 360.
You know game library was what make me decide on a 360 first over a PS3. There were more games, there were many more cheaper games, and Microsoft is great with the Platinum Hits which tend to contain bonuses such as DLC and special codes. On the other hand PS3 has a smaller catalogue, much more expensive games, and they just didn't seem to care about gamers with a budget. So yeah.
I do own a 360 but I can't say that I use it a lot. I originally picked it up for some exclusive titles that haven't made it to the PC at that point such as LA Norie , Red Dead Redemption and Dark Souls and whilst they were great, I never bought into the live gold thing, it just seemed like a waste of money.
So what decided you on the 360 instead of the PS3? Especially as a PC player I mean? Its always insteresting to hear from someone of that category regarding console choices and such.
Although I bought my PS3 pretty late compared to 360 which I bought back in 2008, I am in love with my PS3. The sheer quality of first party exclusive games like The Last of Us and Uncharted series is too good to miss on.
I had 360 for about 4 years. Finally gave up on it after sending it in for rrod repairs. Happened 3 times... in 4 years.

So I moved on to PSN plus and I could not be happier. I should say that I do not play to many games. I really only play fighting games. So this being said, the only thing I miss from live is cross game chat. It was nice to be able to talk with friends while they are in their own matches and lobbies. But outside of that it really isn't too different.

For a while I bought the whole "well we pay so it must be better!" mentality. But really its the same thing. My friend told me that PS3 comes with wifi and 360 had an adapter you had to buy. If this is true then yeah I see a lot of people using wifi and creating unstable connections.

Ohh and psn plus kills xblive. Not even a question. Live was, pay to be able to play multi and access netflix. Psn plus gives you discounts, long term game rentals (I don't call igc free games because they really aren't)

For me personally ps3 is a much better console. In fact, most people I used to game with say they are still on 360 cuz friends play on there. Which is cool. Really that's what kept me on it for a long time but 3 hardware failures in 4 years killed that real quick lol.
Only a PS3. I was close to buying a Xbox 360 but I was put off by the high failure rate. I believe that was a good decision, while the PS3 didn't start off so well, it now boasts a superior games library. Tons of cool jrpgs and other Japanese titles came out exclusively for the PS3 during the last few years. I only wish some more of those Cave shmups were ported over to the PS3, at least we got Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra - happy about that! :D
I have both. I got my first Xbox 360 in 2008 and my PS3 in 2013. My first Xbox didn't break, I just wanted to upgrade to the R2D2 version (which broke but it was my own fault). My current Xbox 360 is just a black S model. Truthfully, the Xbox 360 was my favorite console of the seventh generation and my second favorite console of all time after the GameCube. PS3 is a great console as well, and has some great games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet and is a nice change of pace to play as well... truthfully I actually preferred the exclusives on PS3 until I found Forza Motorsport and now it's the other way around.
I have all PS3-360-WII consoles since I don't know when the mood or fancy will strike to play them. I wanted to have the option to switch between them all too, for some games were exclusive. And I hate being excluded simply because I don't own their proprietary equipment.
Yeah, that's why I wanted PS3 because there are some awesome things on it .

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