Do you prefer the Wii U over any other console


Apr 20, 2013
In my opinion if I got the Wii U before I got my xbox 360 I wouldn't have decided to buy an xbox any more. I fell in love with the graphic which the Wii U portraits and it can even compete with the big consoles like xbox 360 and ps3. I just hope they expand the amount of games available for the console. What do you guys think?
Absolutely not. I think the WIi-U is a total and utter flop like it's predecessor, it took Nntendo THIS long to get into HD graphics? Please...... on top of that, their catalog lacks unique games. They have maybe 1 or 2 new fresh IP's they probably won't do anything with, and the rest are either ports or rehashed sequels of tired series (mario comes to mind) that being said, I think this generation will be Nintendo's last as a console developer because let's face it, they stopped being good around the time of the Gamecube...and lost every console race since.
The Wii was a flop for you? Really? Because the numbers state quite firmly that the Wii outsold the 360 and the PS3 no problem. And that is with the Wii shipping out deadlast. Further graphics are the least important thing, particularly HD graphics. I would prefer something interesting or at least entertaining over something pretty. On top of which having played multiple games on both systems I can say that it is far more advanced then people want to give it credit for.

I mean take for instance you saying they don't have enough fresh IPs, would make the same statement about the other competitors in this? I mean overall how many fresh IPs do they really take on versus Call of Duty 456 or Madden 123404 or whatever? They all beat IPs to death, but at least Nintendo will try to do something new or better with their stuff.

But then again I think you just don't like them. Whether that's because you have any actual experience with the systems or because you just don't like the direction they've taken I don't know. I personally think they'll be just fine and I hope they continue to do so. I mean they are the oldest kid on the block and honestly they're the only one who is really about games versus diversifying their product line like Microsoft (the computer company) and Sony (the entertainment company). But who knows?
Smokey said:
I think the WIi-U is a total and utter flop like it's predecessor, it took Nntendo THIS long to get into HD graphics? Please...... on top of that, their catalog lacks unique games. They have maybe 1 or 2 new fresh IP's they probably won't do anything with, and the rest are either ports or rehashed sequels of tired series (mario comes to mind) that being said, I think this generation will be Nintendo's last as a console developer because let's face it, they stopped being good around the time of the Gamecube...and lost every console race since.
Whatever drugs you're using, please hook me up. Wii sales have crossed over 100 million units, which makes it one of the best selling consoles in history.

I think this generation will be Nintendo's last as a console developer.
Haters have been saying this since the Nintendo 64, and six successful systems later Nintendo is still around and doing well.
Just try to leave aside the number of consoles they sold, most of us gamers, were raised playing NES as we were kids, then grew up with the SNES, and the N64 was the god of our childhood, in my head, Video-games equals Nintendo. But I feel that kids these days don't pay attention to a guy in a red cap jumping around to grab coins or a monkey throwing barrels, they are all hooked on Halo, Call of Duty, GTA etc. I'm not saying Nintendo should aim to THAT market in particular, but they need to start developing new concepts for their games, I already played 8 Mario Parties, I don't know how many Mario Karts, and even the last Zelda game was a disappointment. What I'm saying is they have to stop aiming games at little kids or family friendly, and set their attention in other places.
I'd have to say no, I really like the Wii-u but there's a few things I just don't really like about it. Don't get me wrong, it has it's charms and fulfills a different type of genera for me, but I like the graphics the other systems give me and the many different types of games I can play on the others. The Wii-u is great for family fun and there's a few games I can get in to, but I just can't seem to drop my xbox for it.
I agree kinda with the wii console being a flop; due to it's almost identical gamecube hardware. The only saving grace for the wii was it's motion controller. The negative and downside aspect to the Wii u is it's extremely late entry into HD. Graphics do matter along with great game design to implement them, and with the wii u gamepad I think it is an astounding system albeit soooo late. I will support the wii u as I adore the 1st party titles. It is disconcerting though that Nintendo seems to pass off generational time frames and offered the wii in it's less than technical capable condition.

I do like the wii u and will always support Nintendo if they continue with the momentum and speed up there progress....the XO/ps4 are powerhouses and 3rd party support will be extreme for these two consoles, unfortunately the wii u's 3rd party support is already lacking; they already lost EA and bioware....SAD!!!!
The Wii wasn't a flop at all. It had a lot of very unique and fun games. Not as many bigger titles as the other systems, sure. But it still held it's own. Even if most places didn't want to give credit where credit is due. Tho, now that the Wii U is out, I see a lot more places online trying to show the "best" Wii games, now that it's being phased out. The Wii was far better than 3rd parties gave it credit for. It wasn't as powerful as the other systems, but it was far more unique, and could do all kinds of great things that the other systems couldn't. However, because most 3rd Parties showed to be unimaginative, they blew it, when it came to the Wii. They did, they blew it. They didn't treat it seriously, and gave up on it before giving it a chance. Some did great things on it, but overall, for the most part, they treat it seriously, and thus, missed out on all kinds of potential hits. Their loss.

As for the Wii U, oh man, this is quickly becoming my favorite console of all time. It's not quite there yet, but oh man, is this system awesome. I bought it on launch day, because I saw the potential for it then. And now, almost a full year later, it still hasn't quite reached that potential, however, it's come a lot farther in it's first year than the Wii did. Sure, the Wii had more titles overall in the first year. However, the Wii U has more bigger titles, as well as a lot of fun and unique titles too. And new IP's are on the way. More big titles are on the way. More surprises are on the way. Tons and tons of indie games are on the way. This new system is definitely my gaming console of choice. In fact, the Wii U has proven to be so awesome, and so full of potential, that I have no plans on buying a PS4 or XO. None. I'll look at those two systems next year, around Christmas time, after they have been out for a year. But they mostly seem boring to me. No fun. No imagination. And a lot of the same things that they've continuously done over and over. Nothing exciting for me from there, as most of the games that I want that will be on those systems, I would much, much rather have on the Wii U or PC. The Wii U, on the other hand, looks amazing, plays great, and is tons of fun. Currently, the Wii U is my absolute favorite console to game on. So much so, that I unplugged my other systems, and the Wii U is currently the ONLY system that I have plugged in. Not counting my 3DS and PC, of course. But I've hardly touched those since the Wii U came out. Gaming wise, that is.

If Sony keeps showing off what they have been showing off for months now, and if Microsoft keeps showing off what they have been showing off for months now, and if Nintendo keeps doing what they have been doing for months now,... then I am absolutely sticking with Nintendo. They are on the right path, doing the right things, and headed in the right direction. I love what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U. It brought excitement back to gaming. As a gamer, I am excited to be a gamer again, and it's all thanks to Nintendo.

The Wii was fun, but the lack of 3rd Party support hurt it's longevity. And the 360 and PS3, tho both had their moments, got stale and boring after a while. I think the 360, PS3, and Wii generation, was the worst generation so far. I mean, yeah, they had a ton of great games. However, a lot of things I didn't like also came out of this generation. For instance, genres became way, way over saturated. Everybody made all kinds of the same games. Whether they be first person shooters or 3rd Person action, or whatever. Way, way, too many games felt the same, and kept trying to do the same things or copy each other. They all felt the same. Also, shovelware became way more abundant across all systems (mostly on the Wii, but across all systems too). I mean, there has always been shovelware on consoles, but this past generation saw more than any other generation. On disk DLC is ridiculous, and got ever so popular this generation. Speaking of which, more and more ways of companies trying to squeeze money out of you got more rampant this generation than any other. Also, pre-order dlc dumb too. I think the idea of being punished for not pre-ordering a game is stupid. You shouldn't be punished by not being able to access parts of the games or features of a game, just because you didn't pre-order it. Pre-ordering and getting a physical item, like a toy or figure or something, is one thing. That's cool. But to get access to parts of the game that others won't be allowed to access, just because you pre-ordered it, is ridiculous. That's a dumb idea. Speaking of dumb.. Fanboy-ism also was the most rampant to the extreme this generation too, which was just horrible. I'm not a fanboy, myself. I'm just a "gamer". I like games of all shapes and sizes, and platforms. I was a huge Playstation fan for a long time, as they had my favorite games during the PS1 and PS2 days, however, I still played the other consoles. Now, I favor Nintendo, but I still like the others and will play them. I don't play them much anymore because I'm bored with them. But if they become fun again, absolutely I will play them and praise them. Fanboy-ism is retarded. A true gamer is one who will play all games, regardless of console. Another thing this generation is tacked on features. Like, motion control, for example. It's one thing to build the game from the ground up around the controls. But it's another thing to tack it on at the last second before releasing it. At that point, why bother. 3rd Parties really fell on their face when it came to that. And not just on the Wii, but with the Kinect and Move as well. Which, brings up laziness. Lots of laziness in the gaming world this past generation. Tho that kind of covers a broad area of this. But there's more... I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.

In the end, I'm glad that this generation is ending. I've been gaming since the early 80's, and this past generation is by far the worst I have ever seen. In fact, this console generation had made my a full time handheld gamer. The DS was amazing, and I played my DS far, far more than the 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP, combined. Seriously. The DS got way, way more game time played on it than the other systems Only the PC got more game time. I did play that a lot, because all 3 consoles weren't enough for me. I needed more. As a gamer, I needed more, but more importantly, I needed better and more fun games and consoles.

And who was the first one to offer something better. Nintendo. With the Wii U. The Wii U is amazing. It's super powerful (more so than most people seem to give it credit for), and looks great, it controls great, and the Gamepad is one of the most convenient and fun things to happen to gaming in a long time. The PS4, and XO, as much as I'd like to play them, feel boring, and "more of the same". So, I want to wait on those, to see how those actually turn out, before I rush out and get them. I'll get to play them, as I know people who will get them. But I'll wait until I can play them myself and see what they are all about. In the meantime, the Wii U has already gotten me back into console gaming again. As a long time gamer, I'm excited again. I haven't been excited to be a gamer in a long time. This whole past generation got worse and worse and worse, then a little better, here and there. But overall, the last generation lost me as a longtime gamer. But the Wii U brought me back, and I am so, so excited for the future. The Wii U has a truly bright future, and I can't wait for all that's to come with it. It's constantly getting more and better things for it all of the time.

So, already, this generation coming up is already looking to be far better than the last generation. The Wii U, PS4, and XO generation is looking to be an overall better generation than the Wii, PS3, and 360 generation. That generation, as a whole, was terrible. However, while Nintendo seems to be pushing the industry forward, to newer, and better things, Sony and Microsoft still seem to be lifting the industry upwards. Both need to happen. Upwards and Onwards is good. However, you can only go so high before you get boring, and come back down. You need to go forward too. Something Sony and Microsoft didn't really do too much this past generation. So I'm a bit skeptical on them going into this generation. I hope they prove me wrong, and turn out great. I'm still in a wait and see mode on them. I don't' want to get burned by them. So I'm waiting for a full year before I decide on them. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my Wii U.

So, to answer your question.. "do you prefer the wii u over any other console?"... why yes... yes I do. Currently.
Right now, it's my favourite console. However, most of my gaming time is currently spend on my laptop (gotten into a few cheap games on Steam) and playing Pokemon X on my 3DS.

I don't intend to get a PS4 for at least a year or so, and I have no plans whatsoever for an Xbox One, at least for now. So, all of my console gaming time is spent on the Wii U. It's mostly just Nintendo Land with friends, with a casual spattering of eShop and Virtual Console games, but in a few weeks I'll have Mario 3D World, and beyond that who knows? I still have a lot of games to catch up with, namely Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD, so I should have enough to last me until Mario Kart 8 comes out.
At the moment, it's my favorite next generation console, simply because the game selection really outdoes the X1 and PS4. That might not be the case 3-4 years down the line, though, but we'll see. The console is still new, so it's hard for me to say I prefer the Wii U over any other console. The Wii, PS3, and 360 currently destroy the Wii U, IMO, simply because they have about 6-7 years worth of games released for it.
I skipped out on the last generation of consoles entirely. None of them got my business. I played games on each one a little here and there at friends and families, but none of them really got me excited. That being said I am now a happy owner of a Wii U. I've had it for about three months now and I haven't gotten tired of it. I really think Nintendo has done so many things right with the Wii U. The price alone is great. Really enjoy the tablet/controller especially on RPG titles. Nintendo also said to hell with Facebook which means their head isn't up Facebook's arse Thank God! No really it is quite a blessing to get away from Facebook on my "Gaming" Console. I can't stand the idea of attaching my facebook to another damn thing. Mii Verse is great. As for where my business will be this generation, I'm throwing down with Nintendo all the way. Putting away the PC too for now.
You still don't have the desire to go and pick up a Wii, PS3, or 360 on the cheap? At the end of it all, all three of them had some pretty good titles that can each be had for pretty cheap.
No, the Wii U is one of Nintendo's weakest offerings. Which doesn't mean it's terrible as Nintendo have always set the bar high. I like what's under the hood of the Wii U and even the aesthetics of the console. I'm just not a fan of the Wii U GamePad as it was a bad design decision. A more orthodox gamepad would have been a better choice.

I'm also not happy with the 3rd party support the system has been getting but that doesn't mean that I want the types of games that are available on the Xbox One and PS4. I'd like to see more quirky and cool games coming out of Japan from developers such as Treasure, CyberConnect2, Taito (yes, they are still around), G.rev, Inti Creates and Game Freak (besides Pokemon).
The Wii U is my favorite of the consoles. It is the only one I have, and all of their first party games are the reason I bought it.
I would say yes, I prefer the Wii U, If I could have it of course. I will explain why: I don't like violent games, and I think Nintendo is the best company for boring people like me. After that, I could say one of my favorite games (Just Dance) is available on Wii U and with better things than the one that is available for Wii. And then think about Mario Kart 8, that is absolutely awesome, Super Smash ( the new one, which I love) But these are only personal reasons, I would prefer Wii U even if I liked those games, because of the variety you can find with Wii U, only think about the Gamepad and the river of games you will have!
It's about tied with me with the Xbox One.
I buy video game systems for my son, who is now 13, and I personally believe Nintendo makes products that are easier to play and great for beginners. My son previously had the Nintendo DS and 3ds and loved them. We decided to try the Wii U because he has the choice to view it via the controller or on the TV and he loves it. It came with Mario 3d land and he finished the game then started it back over. It also allows him to watch You Tube and Netflix on TV which is an added bonus because he normally watched them on his 7 inch tablet.
In the past we tried the PlayStation 2 and it was hard for him to play, it was really my game system. I'm not sure if he would be able to play that system now because he's older, we will probably try another system in a year or two, but right now he is very happy with the Wii U console. I'll probably be buying him more games for the system for Christmas.
I believe for me it is preferred over all the other consoles I own. I love the games being released on it.
I'm coming to the realization that it is my favorite, because at this point I'm in no hurry to jump to the NX or whatever. Reasons (besides Ducktales) being:

The games i have are so polished and busy, I'm no where near finishing them (Hyrule Warriors, Smash, MK8) nor am I in a hurry because they are so fun.

All the freebies and discounts I jumped on that I haven't even started (Pikmin 3, Metroid Prime Trilogy along with various other VC titles).

Plus the awesome games I haven't tried/aren't out yet such as Lego City, Wonderful 101, TWILIGHT PRINCESS HD.
We should play Smash together sometime. :)