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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
When the Super Nintendo had a strict anti violence policy? At the time Mortal Kombat was popular, Nintendo decided not to incorperate blood and violent death into the first title. The Genesis did; however; and from what I remember, was more popular. By the time MK2 was coming out, Nintendo had changed it's tune! Do you think they sold out? Perhaps they were trying to appeal to a wider audience?
I was really young back then so I didn't even know about that policy.
I played games because I liked them, it didn't matter if they had blood or not.

I don't think they sold out, they just expanded the target group of gamers. It's a natural thing to do if you plan to get as big as Nintendo did :)
I think when MK3 was released it had more deaths and blood than the Sega version. But I could be wrong on that.
I suppose you are right averus; companies need to expand in order to thrive. NintendoCosmos; I don't remember there being more, but I remember the game ran smoother on the SNES. Perhaps there was because of that factor.
Yea, you know what? I'm sticking with Averus' story. I was like one month old when that all went down. What is this 'S-N-E-S' you speak of? :p
Gosh, we got some real young'uns in this topic..*shakes head, smokes pipe*. OP, I do remember quite well Nintendo's campaign against violence and removing anything remotely related to Christianity or the Bible from video games. Though some titles oddly made it through this, like Breath of Fire 2, which is basically a game about the church being evil and bad. I recall that one of the big selling points of the genesis, back then, was how the original MK had the blood and gore the snes version didn't have..automatically making it superior!! Of course nintendo renigged on this for every subsequent MK so it was a moot point.

Nintendo was and still is a company and wanted to make a buck, that's all. MK was all the rage back then, at least outside of Japan, so they wanted to get with the times.

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