Do you think the NX would be including a VR device?

I am still going to wait until the NX is launched. No use going out and buying it without knowing if it will work with the NX or if it will even have VR.
They ALREADY Tried a Virtual Reality Console back in the Early 90s and it BOMBED Even WORSE than the Wii U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ You're confusing VR for 3D. Even if it has Virtual in the name it was not a VR system. It was a grandfather to 3DS. Virtual Reality is to simulate reality in first person. VB was just a game boy in 3D. There is a huge difference.
Still I Just Don't See Nintendo VR happening whatsoever in THIS Generation; This generation is Mainly about a Hybrid Video game Console that acts like a standard Console At Home, and a Handheld on the Go, that can Switch from one to another.
That doesn't mean it can't happen in the future. The Virtual Boy had many failings. It was expensive, caused severe eyestrain, and had fairly poor graphics. It's not even close to the worlds that the Rift and it's ilk can immerse you in, so you cannot simply write off all vr from that.

That being said, This generation doesn't leave much room for VR from Nintendo. I suspect Nintendo is taking a wait-and-see approach on the PC and PS4 VR reception, but they may jump into the game if it's encouraging. But I strongly suspect they would rather go with a mixed-reality approach like Microsoft's Hololens - which is an entirely different ballpark. VR shuts you outside of the real world which takes some getting used to, but MR can add fantasy to the real world, something that would be right up Nintendo's alley. You can literally create the worlds from fiction with MR. Have you ever watch Yu-Gi-Oh? Baka to the test? Robotics;Notes? They all hint at a world where fact and fiction intermingle, and if you pretend that everyone is wearing Hololenses then they (aside from a few exceptions) literally conform to the physics of our reality.
Well, patents for the Nintendo Switch finally got released to the public and among them is a patent for an HMD that you can slide the Switch's screen into

Obviously it's a patent so it could just be a proof of concept, but the fact that they patented it is at least evidence they're considering it I'd say

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