Do you think the Wii is the best family console?


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Jul 30, 2016
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It does kind of seem like it is simply because it's the Wii. You can get the whole family involved with moving around and playing games on a big screen together. It makes for a great family night event, and the kids love it.

It's more interactive, and I think it could be the best for a family. Anyone got any better ideas of why another system might be better for the family?
The Wii U, as it's the logical continuation and has 5-player games and even 8-player Smash. No other company has such a focus on offline multiplayer and family friendliness. If you buy a second PS4 or Xbone controller it only gets used if you forgot to charge the primary controller.
I would say so. If it is not, then it is certainly another Nintendo system. Unless you are really good at parental control and are only buying games very carefully, chances are if you have an X Box or Playstation you will get some games that are not exactly family-friendly. I guess it depends on the family, though, and these days I would not be surprised to see some violent family game nights, although I hope not.
It has to be. Even my near elderly mother enjoys games on the wii. She couldn't even handle the original Mario Bro's game on the NES. (My personal favourite, for nostalgia reasons.) It's certainly the most approachable and friendliest of them, the Wii U has the game pad which is nice for the little ones getting into gaming, but can be intimidating for those who have little or no experience with technology. (Admittedly, a small crowd these days.)

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