Do you think they'll further explore Red Dead Redemption for the PS4?


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Jan 29, 2014
I really hope they do. That game had so much going for it & when they started introducing the DLC I lost my mind. Zombie cowboys? The gift I didn't even know I wanted!
I wouldn't mind a release of the same game for PS4 either but if they want me to shell out the money I'm going to need a new storyline.
I think always a possibility. A company will always look at a successful game and think about a sequel. The problem with that game is the main character is dead so you could do similar setting, but it will just feel like a new game. Also I believe it was created by Rockstar and right now with GTA basically winning over fans like it has I don't see them worrying to much about doing another RDD, but you never know what is in the works with them.
Rockstar Games is truly setting the standard by being different. I loved Red Dead Redemption. I almost had all the trophies when playing the good guy. But I would love to see part 2. But I don't know how they are going to top that one. Graphics aside, how are they going to improve the gameplay? If they just added an expansion pack right now, I would be happy with it.

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