Do you want Nintendo to provide achievements and trophies?


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Dec 14, 2019
(This is a discussion I previously carried out in my home forums . People didn't want achievements there)
What are achievements?
An achievement is a meta-goal defined outside a game's parameters. In other words the pop ups that come out when you've done something difficult or different.

Why should a game have achievements?
A games achievements encourage the player to do stuff apart from the main quest or motivates the player to beat his personal best. This increases the time that each player spends in playing the game.
Not only that a leaderboard would be started to give gamers a competitive atmosphere and motivates them to come out at the top. Over evolution the consoles with achievements produced pro gamers just as a school with ranking system produces good students.

Now, Both of Nintendo's rivals have achievements for their consoles while Nintendo hasn't even given it a second thought.
This is a typical Nintendo "We don't give what fans want the fans would want what we give" attitude.
Achievements in Zelda can be like

Human Batreaux- collect all Gratitude crystals and show them to Batreaux
Hestu's Poop- collect all Korok seeds.
Hunter- Defeat a Lynel (This achievements will encourage people to fight a Lynel rather than using stealth or running away)
They already offer achievements. It's up to the developers to use those achievements.

Doom 64 was released for Nintendo Switch recently, and it has achievements.
im not real familiar because i am Nintendo only, but i'll tell you this: when i get an email from Nintendo telling my times playing which games, etc. i dig it. I say yes, i would like achievements.

My first would be something like:

Achievement Unlocked!!! You're the only person who doesn't have Animal Crossing!

good thread @Giri
I think Nintendo's more about you having fun in their games without too much grinding, a lot of achievements are geared toward competitionists. In other words I don't think most first party Nintendo games and achievement culture go together well.

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