Does anybody else have a problem with Xbox controllers?

Dreek Lass

Mar 12, 2013
I am a woman, and I am quite a small woman at that. I have small hands and like things to look neat within their grasp. I am used to Playstation 2 control pads, and I can tell you with passion that I really dislike the bulk of Xbox control pads. They actually make gameplay really awkward and cumbersome for me.

They are much too chunky, and to add insult to injury they are fairly unattractive and lack elegance too. I just do not like them. I recently was in between choosing whether I wanted to get myself a PS3 or an Xbox, and after playing on my sister's boyfriend's Xbox for a while I was not impressed with the controllers. They are awful.

Does anyone else feel this way, or am I alone?
I've always hated the Xbox controller, myself. The first iteration was way too big and clunky. Tho they later made the smaller versions. However, I still hate that the analog sticks aren't level. I have that one is up and one is down. It feels so awkward to me. Also, the d-pad is terrible. It sticks out too far, and is far too loose, and isn't great for certain games that it should be for.

I like the d=pad of the Playstation controller better than the Xbox controller. But it's not perfect. However, the Playstation's analog sticks feel cramped together, and a bit uncomfortable. Which makes sense, when you realize that the Playstation controller was originally designed without the analog sticks, for the PS1, and then later, they tacked on the analog sticks. And that's exactly how the Playstation's analog sticks feel... like tacked on afterthoughts. So, again, not perfect.

For years after the Xbox controller came out, I always complained why they didn't make the analog sticks level. I figured, the Playstation has their sticks on the bottom, and it felt too close together and cramped. So I wanted to see the two sticks on the top, in a more comfortable position. For years, I wanted it that way, and for years, nothing. However, finally, Nintendo came out with the Wii U Pro Controller, and it was exactly what I had been wanting since the Xbox was first released. The Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is comfortable, the analog sticks both feel like they are in the perfect spot and level to each other (making it feel far more natural and convenient), and Nintendo has always had the best d-pad out of all of the systems. So, overall, I love the Wii U Pro Controller. Finally, a company made the perfect gaming controller for me.

As for the Xbox controller, I have never been a fan of it. I hear people constantly praising it as the best controller ever, but I found it to be terrible from the start. Making the smaller version was a step in the right direction, but there are still so many things wrong with it. I'm not a fan of it at all. Never have been. I like the Playstation controller better than the Xbox controller. But I like Nintendo's Wii U Pro Controller better than any controller that Sony or Microsoft has put out yet.
I have big hands and still think that the original Xbox controller was a gigantic joke. When Controller S came out (for the original Xbox), that was a huge improvement, and that got me sold on Xbox. I played a lot of emulated NES games on the original Xbox with that controller. The buttons are still too slippery for my taste, and I hate that they mixed up the SNES button colors (probably on purpose), but overall I think it's a decent controller.

When 360 came out and the controller went wireless, that was a significant improvement too. I also like the textured white/beige color. It reminds me of the SNES days.
Yeah, that's another thing about the 360 controller that gets me. The buttons. The colors were one thing, but the layout of the letters is what really does it for me. Playing the SNES for so long, I feel that the 360 buttons are backwards. I get that they have to be, due to controller patents and what not. But man, any time an on screen action says press X, Y, B, or A. I always get them backwards on the 360. Even to this day. It just feels so wrong. With the Wii U Pro Controller, it feels so right. It feels like home again. They got it right. The Xbox controller, besides all of the other issues that I mentioned in my previous post, also has the backward buttons problem that I had.

As I said before, I've always hated the Xbox controller. It was too big to start with, tho that was later fixed. However, I didn't like the analog sticks being on different levels. Having one thumb high and the other thumb low felt completely unnatural. I've never liked that. The d-pad was terrible. Especially the 360's d-pad. It's raised too high, and way too loose. And the actual buttons have always felt backwards. Granted, they are in the same positions. Just the lettering is reversed. Still, it has always felt so wrong. When I play with the Wii U Pro Controller or Gamepad, the buttons, again, feel like home. All is right in the world. But when I have an Xbox controller, it just feels like bizzaro world, in a way.
I am on the same page as, seemingly, everyone else. I cannot stand the feel of the X360 or Xbox controllers. They are just not my cup of tea. Especially, analog placement. It bothers me. However, I can understand people who love them because of consistency of use. Your hands get used to a lot of things. NES controllers are not particularly comfortable but I love them to death.
See I love the xbox 360 controller for the reason that it's a big controller. It feels thick in my hands and I really enjoy it. I could understand if you have small hands, but I personally love the 360 controller.
Iceskater; you may be unusual on this board, but many people agree with you. Both my cousins prefer the Xbox controllers to the Playstation. Noworries my friend, you're not strange :p
Haha everyone is disagreeing with me! I think I am the only one on here who actually likes the xbox controllers!
Your not the only one that likes Xbox controllers. I love them so much that when I play some gaming systems it starts to fustrate me to a certian degree that I have to use other controllers.
The Analogue sticks don't seem sensitive enough to me and generally I prefer PS2 style controllers myself.
DarkRainCloud said:
Your not the only one that likes Xbox controllers. I love them so much that when I play some gaming systems it starts to fustrate me to a certian degree that I have to use other controllers.
YES! Thank you! :)
Don't spaz Kirby I also enjoy the Xbox 360 controller. My favorite controllers in order are: 360, PS2/PS3, and then the Wii. Then again I have long, creepy, spider people hands so that may be why I enjoy havign a controller I can wrap all that excess limbage about. Also it combines all the best features of previous controllers in an easy to remember package... and rumble function is always fun.
I mean the PlayStation ones are very slim, unlike the Xbox. I noticed that more the other night when I switched between playing my Xbox and PlayStation. I mean I've never heard of someone complaining about it being hard for them to play though. I mean when you think about it yes they are big, but they can't be that much bigger than the PlayStation controller. The only huge difference is how slim the PlayStation one is.
Haha everyone is disagreeing with me! I think I am the only one on here who actually likes the xbox controllers!

Not by a long shot. I, too, think the 360 controllers are probably the best I've ever had. They were certainly better than the PS1, PS3, Xbox, GameCube... all the otehr controllers I've ever had, even the ones I haven't owned but have used.
They're pretty nice all around, nice size, weight, stick resistance, durability, etc...

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