Does anyone play Temple Run 2?


Jan 13, 2014
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone happens to have Temple Run 2 for the Android or iOS? I have it for my Samsung Galaxy Discover, and although the game is pretty straightforward, it can be the perfect time killer. I haven’t unlocked the Usain Bolt character as yet, though I do know that he would be awesome to play with his abilities.

It’s just so hard for me to store up for coins and gems, especially when the Santa character is about 60 gems to unlock! What do you guys think of the game, and do you feel any other installments are better or worse compared to this one? I have Temple Run: Oz, and I think it’s an okay game, but it doesn’t have that novelty like Temple Run 2.
I played the first one a lot and I absolutely loved it! Favorite app for my iPod Touch. I have played the second one but I play it so much that I usually don't have to worry about saving coins because I try and unlock all the characters before I go buy anything else.
I played a lot of the original Temple Run on the Kindle Fire. What new features does the second game have?
I played it quite a lot - for some time. Once you get a hang of it, its very easy to be sucked into it. Then one day, I decided no more - I could be spending that time wiser. Like playing my console games instead... Reading a book, or doing something else. The game is fine. Just that you end up spending a lot of time, and little yield... At least that's my opinion.

My little sister however fell in love with it & when she insists on doing things I don't want I just give her the iPad for some quiet time :p So I guess the game is valuable for more than the obvious reasons.

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