Does anyone remember Contra for NES?


Mar 16, 2013
In the year 1988 Konami released an action game called Contra. It was voted number 1 by the website and is a classic. It was one of the first games to have a Konami code in which would give you an additional thirty lives. Does anyone have any fond memories of this game?
I do. I LOVE Contra. It's in my RetroN3 right now. :) One of my all-time favorite games ever made. :)
I'm pretty sure everyone remembers Contra! It's one of the flagship games of the 8bit generation! Anyone who played it will attest to how brutally unforgiving it was. I'm fairly certain it alone is responsible for at least %50 of the broken controllers in the world which got chucked across the room in frustration! But, the odd thing about it is that, while exceptionally difficult, it was also FAIR. You died in Contra because you were bad at Contra, not because the game mechanics were cheap. This kept you coming back for more, regardless on how bad you were at it, and made you a better player through repetion and practice.
Oh yeah! I remember the 30 life code as well. My brother and I played that game over and over and over. By the time we were done, we were defeating the game easily without the 30 life code. BTCGuru81 is correct in saying the game was fair. It had good mechanics, and when you died, you knew it was your own fault.
I wasn't alive, but I have played my fair share of it... I broke a controller playing it, now I only have 1 NES controller...
Contra had great music, style and presentation, but god, the levels were a cluttered mess starting right around Level 2, especially once all the weapons started flying around.
That is what made it fun :) At least in my opinion.
Yes! I totally remember it. in fact i used to play it in the arcade when I was a kid before it came out on the NES. I also remember being super excited when it came out for the NES, and my parents got it for me for my birthday. I still remember the cheat code for this to get 30 lives, LOL, I was actually just talking about this in a thread I posted about game cheats. :)
Contra brings back tons of memories of the 80's for me. I played it at my friends house tons of times. But I can't seem to win one copy of the game from auction sites. I keep getting outbid. Contra will go great with my NES collection.
Ah...yes - the 80s game that has launched a thousand copycats both online and on console and on mobile. Why? Because there is something about being the little space ship that could that makes you so happy. Also I'm a bit compulsive and apparently this game was made for people like me. I will complete all the level no matter how many times I flipping die... so yeah. One of my favorite games.
Contra is freaking awesome!! It took me awhile to remember where every enemy was going to be in the game. So I can get the first shot at them. Imagine how Contra will look like in Atari 2600 graphics. I wonder if anyone made a rom for the Atari 2600 with the whole game of contra.
Oh, the days of unlimited ammo. Your only concern being living and beating your teammate to the spread gun or 'S' (also smacking them for stealing your lives but I felt like that fit into the 'living' idea). It's a great game conceptually but brought to life it helped game content thereafter for years.

That being said, not MY number one. It's in my top 5. Not number 1 though.
Well, I first experienced Contra back in the arcades. It was launched in my country a few months after it was released in Japan. Needless to say, this game completely blew me away. While I never owned a NES at time, I did own the ZX Spectrum which was an 8-bit microcomputer. I waited patiently for the port which ended up being a poor one, unfortunately. I played the NES version of Contra a few years later and it's fairly faithful to the arcade original.
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Contra was awesome, especially co-op. How fun was it to burn through your lives and then steal your buddy's? I can't tell you how many fights we got into because of that. I tried playing Contra recently and it's brutally unforgiving. It's crazy how games have come a long way to try to not frustrate gamers (except Dark Souls of course), back then they didn't give a !@#$! You had 3 lives (or 30 ;)) to go through the whole game and that was it. A little pellet hit you and you died, plain and simple... No red screen that regenerated after a while, no life bar... Craziness!

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