Does the Wii U have enough games to compete with other systems?


Sep 14, 2014
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Do you think that Nintendo will produce enough quality game titles on the Wii U to compete with the 3ds? In the days of the NES/SNES Nintendo was known for having hundreds of games but in the last two iterations of the Wii / Wii U, that hasn't been the case. Although there are their great flagship titles like Mario/Zelda there still seems to be in my opinion anyway, not enough games in general when I try to convince friends to pick up a Wii U.
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Let's be honest, Nintendo's strength is in the quality of Nintendo Games, and not in the amount of games available on the consoles.
As long as they continue making awesome and fun games like MK, MW, MB, SSB etc, they won't have to worry - They'll have their audience and customers...
agreed^. also, i have a feeling after Smash Bros comes out, Nintendo will show the doubters, again, what quality is all about. i got Hyrule Warriors on preorder, so we'll see what a nontraditional Nintendo game will feel like. i also love Arkham City so I'm pretty satisfied so far.
I can agree on Nintendo's quality games, having been with Nintendo since the NES days. Even those games were high quality, compared to the modern released of most of the other companies. Hyrule warriors looked interesting, I am debating on getting it I might just wait for someone to review it first before I go all in. I have played the Arkham series on the PC, I know those games are good though, not sure its something I would pick up again however.
i will let you know about Hyrule Warriors, as i am the first to admit it really sucks not being able to get wwe 14 or 15, Madden and the like. I'm stubborn, i refuse to buy a console for a couple games. its not looking good for other brands though. the 3ds on the other hand, is a fun game animal
Alright thanks a lot Dunstin, I appreciate it! Haha I agree with you on that, its like, it would be nice if all of these games would adhere to the old rule of being a crossplatform title for as many systems as they could be. With each console now costing between 300-500$+, I can't justify throwing a lot of cash towards any one system just for a game or two.
I bought the Wii U over the X1 or PS4 because there were not any games out specifically for those systems that I wanted. However the Wii U had a number of games I wanted to play, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart and the list continues.
Yeah, the big difference between the Wii/ Wii U and NES/SNES is that Nintendo wasn't the dominate hardware manufacturer. Sony and Microsoft took that spot, so they focus on third-party games the way Nintendo used to. But as long as Nintendo keeps it up with their flagship games there's going to be plenty to play. They definitely struggled to find their balance over the last generation, but I'm optimistic that we'll see many great games for the Wii U. I mean, the fact that the Wii didn't have HD capabilities alone probably turned away plenty of third party devs.
I have a Wii U system and to me the system feels like a $350 commercial for the 3DS. When I look at the shop channel and the Nintendo web site I see maybe 1 Wii U game being released for every 5 to 10 3DS games and the shop channel is nothing but adverts for the 3DS. Nintendo needs to do more for the Wii U, more console games and more shop stuff like the older NES, SNES, and N64 games. As far as the console they need a Animal Crossing for it, people love the series but not all of them own a 3DS and the newer Fantasy Life game would work very well on the Wii U.
I think if they manage to get some of the better titles out there out that they will be able to get some more traction. Right now I think if they manage to get smash bros out then they will be able to compete somewhat. I'm not saying that the WII U is a bad console it is just that the console is not able to compete with the new next gen consoles of it current time.
I'm not saying that the WII U is a bad console it is just that the console is not able to compete with the new next gen consoles of it current time.

Yeah, since the Wii it's really felt like Nintendo has been moving in a very different direction from Sony and Microsoft. They rock it at their own games, but with everything else it's kind of hit or miss.
I still say Nintendo is way too focused on the 3DS to do much for the Wii u. And whats the deal with those new Pikmin shorts on the shop channel? Who here can honestly say they'd rather pay $4.99 for 3 Pikmin cartoons that's only a lil over 5 minutes each than spend the money downloading a NES game or something? Seems like a waist of time and resources that could have been better spent adding more games to the shop channel.
Vermatrix, I won't lie this is something that I have been noticing myself. It just seems like they are putting more effort into the 3ds. I guess it is because it is selling better than the WII U right now.
Not surprised by that either. The 3DS naturally is going to sell better since it's got 99% of the focus from Nintendo. If they'd do something, anything to show the Wii u system hasn't been forgotten it would sell more and it has to be something more than those indie games because players want the latest 3D graphics and all not something that looks like it was hand drawn by a 2 year old, if that wasn't the case people wouldn't be buying Playstation and Xbox
I personally find that the Wii U is a terrible console. As much as it seems to be pretty inspiring to have the controller be a better part of the game, I just think it's a bit of a scam in comparison to their prior consoles and even other consoles out there (PS3 and PS4). I think that they could have done a better job. Granted, I don't have a Wii U, because I would rather spend money on a 3DS for personal reasons, but it just seems like it's not worth it. And for them to have Super Smash Bros. on 3DS, they believe the same thing, too.

If, perhaps, the 3DS can become a controller for the Wii U, then that's a different story. I would find that to be kind of cool. And considering that the Wii U controller is almost like a 3DS (but more like a Gamboy Advance), it wouldn't hurt to connect the two together. They could make twice as much money that way, too. In order to play the Wii U with certain games, you need the 3DS... That's already $1,000 profit or more per each household.
I just think that Nintendo needs to come up with something so hasn't at this console does not die out. This is something that I could see happening easily.
Comparing the Nintendo Black Friday deals to those from Sony and Microsoft, it seems like they're pretty confident in everything that they are doing. It's pretty insane that they aren't doing any Wii U deals. Not even one. Yet the 3DS has several bundles at all the major stores. Most likely, Nintendo feels that Smash Bros is going to boost sales and sustain them until Zelda U comes out.
It's not about the amount, it's about the quality. Imagine if Nintendo made games the quality of Activision's...they would be out of business. I'm not sure how to put this, but other consoles have failed in putting out first party titles. Sure Microsoft makes Halo, and that does okay, but nothing can compete with Nintendo's lineup of Mario, Link, and Pokemon.
I have to agree with everyone here. Nintendo doesn't have to worry about the amount of content they have in their library. They have a faithful fan base that know that Nintendo is good on their word and deals. Unlike some companies that promise one thing and does another. (And no, I'm not pointing any names out on this. This was just a statement. Nothing more; nothing less.)
I bought a PS3 earlier this year - the first non-Nintendo console I've owned since the Commodore 64 - because the WiiU line-up was looking too sparse for my tastes. I'd only buy Mario Kart if I saw it for a bargain price, I played Wind Waker to death first time around ... the only *grabby hands* game for me right now is Smash Bros.

I don't judge it favourably from a hardware angle compared to the WiiU - I don't know if the PS4 improves on any of the issues I have with the machine (things like not being able to download games while the system is turned off, as the WiiU does, or being able to access the internet in the middle of a game, as you can on WiiU). It freezes a surprising amount. The controller's shoulder buttons feel like they are waiting to snap off. The slowdown on some game ... ridiculous!

Comparing the WiiU to a PS3, I'd say the WiiU is by far the better piece of kit. I really value the addition of GBA games to the eshop - along with the European release of Earthbound :D - and they're far better to play on the pad than on the TV. It's also backwards compatible with Wii games, which for me is another really valuable trait.

But returning to the OP - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling a little dismayed by the line-up. I'm hopeful about the new Zelda, but I didn't like Skyward Sword that much (do not want repeating bosses!) so I'm less excited that I would otherwise be. I'm *really* excited about the Xenoblade Chronicles X. I would really like to see a Harvest Moon (or Rune Factory) game (I'll settle for the GBA version in the eshop! I still want to get me that mountain cabin!). I'd love a sequel to Lego City - that game is BRILL.

I think a lot is going to depend on this coming year. It should have happened in 2014 but it hasn't. But, this is Nintendo and they play things close to their chests. Who knows what's going to happen in 2015? I have faith in them because the bottom line is they make great games I want to play.

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