Does your Game Boy still work?


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Feb 18, 2013
My Color and my Pocket still work really well. Well enough that I'm actually still picking up cheapo games for it. Even better my A/C plug is still ticking along. How about you guys - especially in light of how many people sell their units when they get new stuff and how many folks have murdered their Advances.
I don't know because I sold it. I remember selling it to get some money towards the original DS. Not sure if it was worth it in the long term really, I think I would prefer to have my GBA back rather than have the fat DS.
What was wrong with your DS? Did you not like the games available or was it just that it didn't click for you? I enjoyed the DS, but ended up passing mine to one of my mentorship kids when I got the 3DS.
Yes, my GB still works perfectly fine, and I play it monthly.
My game boy runs perfectly fine to this day. It may be very old and frail, but it still pleases me every time I use it. I think I am better off just selling it though. I hardly ever use it.
All of my systems that I have still work. When it comes to handhelds, the only ones that I ever had were...

Gameboy - (Grey)
Gameboy Color - (Yellow)
Gameboy Advance SP - (Blue)
Nintendo DS-Lite - (White)
Nintendo 3DS - (Aqua)

Technically, I have a PSP too, but I don't count it. See, it originally wasn't mine. It was my roommates. He bought the original DS and PSP when they both came out, because he couldn't decide what he wanted more. He loved the Gameboy Advance, and we used to play Advance Wars against each other all of the time, with a link cable. Fun times indeed. However, he decided that he didn't like the DS, but he loved his PSP. So I got to play the DS a lot when it came out, since he rarely touched it. So it worked for me. By the time I was able to buy my own DS, the Lite version was just announced. So I held off for the Lite, and got that instead. I loved that so much. However, my friend got tired of the PSP. He began to resent it, and hate it. He disliked a lot of the games on it, and felt that the movies and games were too expensive for it, and that it was too big and cumbersome to take around all of the time. He ended up putting Nintendo emulators on it, and only used it to listen to music, watch videos off of his memory card, and play Nintendo games on it. In fact, he prided himself on playing Nintendo games on the PSP, and showed it off to everybody. But eventually, the novelty of the PSP wore off, and he got tired of it all together. So he tried to sell it to me, but I didn't want it. I wasn't a fan of the PSP, and I was having way, way too much fun on my DS-Lite. But eventually, it got to the point where he just said screw it, and just gave it to me, because he wanted to get rid of it so much. So I took it, since it was free. But I immediately put it in my drawer, and never touched it again. Ever. Never turned it on once since I officially owned it. I was 100% in the DS corner by this point. I had a ton of games for that. So anyways, yeah, I officially own a PSP too, but I don't count it, as it wasn't mine to begin with, and I've never touched it since. So, technically, I own one, but I never count it.


My original Gameboy still works. In fact, about 2 years ago, I let my friend borrow it, as he had never seen one in real life. He didn't grow up with video games much. He was very limited on his gameplaying. But his favorite franchise is Metroid. He got to play that on the NES, and he was in love with it. He had heard about the Super Nintendo version, but never got to play it. His parents never had a lot of money growing up, so video games were out of the question for him. He only got to play at friend's houses. But when the Wii first came out, he was awestruck. He drooled over the Wii. Especially over the virtual console. He loved going back and playing the older games that he did as a child. It brought back good memories for him. And when Metroid came out, he went all out on that game. He knew everything. He had the whole map memorized and knew where to go and what to do and what order to them in. He had it all figured out, and memorized for all of these years. So when he got it, boom, he breezed right through the game. So I mentioned to him about part 2, and he had never heard of it. He thought that the Super Nintendo was part 2, but he had never played that. So I pulled out my original brick Gameboy, and brought with it Metroid 2, and let him borrow it. He had a blast with it. He didn't know about the "sticky ball" where you can climb walls, and things like that. That wasn't in the first game. So he, just a couple of years ago, got to experience that for the first time.. as an adult. He loved it.

So yeah, my Gameboy still works. I have it put away again. But it still works. Works like a charm still too. I refuse to get rid of any of my old consoles tho. Or games either, for that matter. I keep everything. I just pack them up and store them away, properly. I'll put them out, from time to time. Mostly to show them off to people who had never seen them (like the Commodore 64), and/or to let them play a game that they never got to play, and isn't available on the virtual console or anything like that. For my Commodore 64, I have an old tv that I used to play it on. It's a small one. It has like a 15 inch screen. But it had the connections in the back that I need in order to hook them up. Modern tv's don't have those connections anymore. So when that tv eventually goes out, I won't be able to play my Commodore 64 anymore. Not unless I get a 'new' older tv. So I don't like to pull that out too, too much. I will, proudly. But I try not to press my luck on it. But it does amaze people still.

As an Epilogue, my friend did finally get around to playing Super Metroid on the Wii. It's now his favorite game, ever. So that's cool. It's also his favorite franchise too. ... But yeah, my original Brick Gameboy still works.
I found my Gameboy a few months ago. Decided to throw in some AA's to see how it ran. I was really surprised and happy to see it come on. I had a good couple hours with all my games. Really took me back!
Yeah, I recently brought out my GameBoy Advance, so I can play the original Advance Wars again. Good times. The last time I brought out my Gameboy was when I was showing off Metroid 2 to my friend, several years back. So yeah, my Gameboy still works like a charm. However, there was only a handful of games that I really, really, enjoyed on the original Gameboy. That's why, in the mid to late 90's, I gave up on handhelds all together, until the early 2000's, when the GBA was released. That's what got me back into handhelds full time. However, even with the small amount of games that I truly enjoyed on the original Gameboy, there's still just something about it that takes me back... way back.. whenever I boot it up and play an old game. So yeah, I will never get rid of my Gameboy. Ever.
My old lime Game Boy Color kind of died on me about a year ago. I think one of the batteries corroded and covered up one of the contacts, and I haven't been able to get it really cleaned off. :/ I don't know if it'll work even if I do get the stuff off. Really bums me out. I saved up two years' birthday and Christmas money to buy my very own GBC and Pokemon Yellow when I was 10. I spent that entire summer dong almost nothing but playing Pokemon :)
My Game Boy Color is still working, maybe because I rarely use it. I still keep some games and seems to function well. My original Game Boy is a different story. The screen is damaged and I cannot see anything in it. I turn my GB on, but there is nothing. I will keep away my GBC from me by keeping it in a vault.
I don't even know where my old Gameboy is anymore :D That being said, I bet you it still works. I take really good care of my systems. It would be interesting to see if my now ageing eyes can handle the little black and white screen.
Nintendo World had an original Game Boy on display a while back at that went through a bombing in Kuwait during the Gulf War. The top of it was melted, but the screen was working. It was playing Tetris in demo mode under the display glass and didn't look like it was breaking a sweat running all day long.
That seems like a pretty good tribute to the durability of the system! Back in the days, when my brother had his Game Boy, I clearly remember him dropping it a number of times. It seems like Nintendo knew how to make quality products. Considering most of the gamers (at the time) were of the younger crowd, it makes sense to have a durable product.
I have a Gameboy Color, and it still works. In fact, I am playing the very first Pokemon Yellow version on it because I want to see of the console still works, which it does. I really like the console because it is not too bulky and not too small. I like how compact it is, which I think it is one of my favorite gaming consoles.
I still own my original Game Boy, but it doesn't work. I think it just died of age. I used it a lot as a kid.I never owned a GBC and my GBA still works lol.
I had a GBA but I sold it because I got a DS the next year. I found a couple of my old gameboy games and wanted to play them for the heck of it but my DS lite screen was hanging on by a few wires and it would only work if it was plugged in and the GBA was jammed and broke (I really need to take better care of my stuff) plus I got the 3DS a month ago. I had a friend that had a GBA and instantly bought it from him along with a charger and a cable and I even found PKMN Red at a pawn shop. But I need to do a full screen replace on it because it looks like a huge piece of dust some how got under the screen and and casing replace because most of the original casing was chipped, scratched and had what for some reason looks like a burn mark on the front. But overall It was worth it.
I got 2 Gameboys.

#1 - Gameboy Advance
#2 - Gameboy Micro

And there Both in Extremely Good Condition.

And I'll never Sell them!
Unfortunately no.
I gave it away to a kid I know. I don't regret it, the boy is really nice and he's taking good care of it :)

I completely understand - I've given my older gear to kids I happened to be mentoring or to kids whose parents couldn't afford to get them things. It's a great thing to do... and I only have so much room in my house anyway.

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