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I've decided to share some N64 renders I've made years ago with this site. ^^ You can look at them, use them, alter them, or submit some that you found/made as well. =D I just thought that maybe you'd enjoy this bit of nostalgia and not mind the lag you're about to encounter. ^^ (because of all the KiloByte *sweat*)

The reason why it's not in the "fanart" section is due to it not really being something I've drawn or sprited, but instead N64 graphics/models that I've taken screenshots of, rendered manually, and animated via multiple screenshots. ^^; (I hope these look good, because I was guessing the frame rate >_<)

Due to the file sizes, I'm only uploading one game franchise in here... I also have Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, one from Zelda OoT, handful from Super Mario 64, and more. *sweat* If this IS supposed to be submitted in "fanart", then I'm glad to find it out now before I post any more of these (depending whether or not you guys even care about these >_<)

animated (small + medium sizes)

(medium size)

Large images

For the large animations you can go to my Photobucket gallery here: Kong/big-gold-banana_zpsd7dde76c.gif.html
I don't want to slow down this topic too hard with these, so you better check them out there then here. ^^;

Anyone has some to share or thought about the characters I've posted? ^^ Like... I always LOVED Lanky Kong! XDDDD I'm surprised that I can't find much information about the "Cranky Kong Barrel" =O

(I was guessing the frame rate, hope they look okay >_<)


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Well these are very nice, and thanks for sharing. I know that the one thing it does right away is really make me miss playing some Donkey Kong. It has been a little while, and I would love to hear some news about a new Donkey Kong game coming out, but alas I have yet to any such good news. Who knows though, I can always hope. Thanks for sharing.

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