Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Release Date: February 2014

Developer / Publisher: Retro Studios, Nintendo

Platforms: Wii U Exclusive


This game looks a lot like the previous Donkey Kong game Donkey Kong Country Returns, for the Wii and 3DS. However, it still looks fun. Also, unlike "Returns", it also brought back Dixie Kong, who hasn't been a part of the series or a playable character in quite some time. So adding her to mix should be a nice change of pace, with her gameplay mechanic and all. Speaking of which, here are some 'fact notes' on this game...

- starting in multiplayer lets both players start off, rather than Donkey Kong needing to find a barrel to break out the second player
- if one person is killed in action, his or her partner can continue on
- players have a set number of lives
- downed players still have to be rescued via barrel
- Dixie is more graceful, pirouetting across the stage or using her ponytail to helicopter over enemies
- Dixie can slap the ground with her hair
- Dixie is able to fire attacks at enemies with bubblegum gun when riding on Donkey's back
- Donkey can also use the helicopter maneuver when Dixie is on his back
- find eggplant-like fruits filled with water that can put out fires
- will feature minecart levels

- music features environmental, yet thematic movements
- the expelled Kong clan travels from island to island
- each one represents a different type of environment
- these include tropical, fiery Savannah, ice, etc.
- levels are layered and showcase areas you may visit later in the level or later on that island
- easy and hard mode alongside normal
- ice levels feature slipper tilting platforms
- Savannah levels have grass, vines, and even enemies set ablaze, with some areas catching fire after you pass by
- one level features multiple hot-air balloons
- one minecart level shifts to a behind-the-back view at one point
- rocket barrel level has rats chasing you and cave areas that light up as you pass
- a water level features the same silhouette effects from the first game
- water levels let you swim in sliding, arcing patterns
- avoid electric jellyfish while swimming
- collect air bubbles for air
- Dixie can jump slightly higher when you hold down the jump button
- underwater, Dixie uses her hair to propel herself through the water
- blowing mechanic has been removed
- roll through grass to shred it and find hidden items
- collecting all the bananas may make an item appear
- some hidden areas require items (barrels) to open them or enemies to reach them

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