Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


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Feb 18, 2013
I don't actually like Donkey Kong really, but this game seems like it's enough to change a person's mind. Platforming across giant leaves held up by air blasts timed to the background music? Rail gaming that involves obstacles being carved out just ahead of you? Dashing through a forest fire? Who wouldn't love such a game? Besides which I haven't had nearly enough platforming lately. You'll see old and new partners including Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong as well as Diddy Kong. And they have co-op (apparently spotty co-op), but I miss co-op enough not to actually care how spotty it might be. Thoughts?
after reading "Nintendo is dead" articles on yahoo every day the last 3 months, i admit i was ecstatic to see a great review for DKC on Fox of all places.

It IS interesting how co-op has taken a back seat with the last few platforms. I've found-especially when playing alongside kids-there is a lot of interest in being on the same team achieving the same goals. It looks good. However, I think Nintendo knows they need a system launch. Something left field that surprises everyone. I'm waiting on that one.
Gamespot gave it a horrible review, but almost every other publication liked it. I'm not a fan of Retro Studios, but then again I was never a fan of Rare (the original Donkey Kong Country creator) either. Maybe the franchise is at home with the new guys.
I really, really miss co-op. I miss having guys over to game with you versus a bunch of like strangers on multiplayer running the same mission a million times. I don't like multiplayer because it's just so... pointless in nature to me. So I am okay with giving a chance to pretty much anything that happens to have co-op.
crunchyg said:
Gamespot gave it a horrible review, but almost every other publication liked it.
Color me surprised (note: sarcasm). Gamespot never seems to give games good reviews anymore unless they are EA shooters or Bioware titles. I'm interested in this game just because you can play as Cranky Kong.

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