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Mar 5, 2016
Hey there Pokemon Trainers! It's your boy Rain here, and I thought it would be fun to create a Pokemon Do's and Dont's guide for anyone who is struggling, confused, or even feeling defeated in Pokemon. This Pokemon guide includes Do's and Dont's for each category. If it makes it easier, you can hold Ctrl+F and type a certain category to easily find it.

NOTE: This guide is for competitive battling, and not a guide for the mid-game (apologies). So, if you are looking on ways to defeat a certain gym leader, you might find some information for that, but I will not list the possible techniques.

Pokemon Moves DO's and DONT's

DO: Teach your Pokemon good status moves that raise a certain stat by a lot, decrease an opponents stat by a lot, heal your Pokemon, or have any other helpful effect. Also, teach your Pokemon good attacking moves. Some good moves for a Pokemon are: Cosmic Power, Swords Dance, Recover, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Fake Tears, etc.

DO NOT: Teach your Pokemon status moves that raise a stat only by 1 or lower an opponents stat by 1. Do not also teach your Pokemon attacking moves that have a base power of 60 or under (unless the move has +1 priority, it is good. This includes a move like Aqua Jet) or 1 hit KO moves since these moves are very risky. Some bad moves for a Pokemon are: Harden, Leer, Absorb, Cut, Fissure, or Sheer Cold.

DO: Teach your Pokemon a mixture of attacking and status moves. If your Pokemon does NOT have an Assault Vest, then you should be able to teach your Pokemon some good attacking and status moves. That way, you can make an opponent easier to damage, or you can heal yourself when your HP is low.

DO NOT: Teach your Pokemon ONLY status or attacking moves. If your Pokemon's moves are all status moves, you can not really get a move in. It is likely that you can make a stall though, such as a Porygon-2 using Toxic and Protect.

If your Pokemon's moves are all attacking moves and your Pokemon does NOT have an assault vest, then that is trouble. You should only teach your Pokemon all attacking moves if your Pokemon has a huge type disadvantage, such as a Sigilyph. In addition, anyone can use Taunt on a Pokemon with all attacking moves, which forces the user with all attacking moves to use Struggle.

DO: Teach your Pokemon status conditioning moves (if you can). This includes Thunder Wave, Toxic, and Will-O-Wisp. These status conditioning moves have a HUGE effect. For example, Toxic increases damage taken by 1/16 each turn, Thunder Wave decreases the opponent's speed by 75% and also makes the opponent has a 25% chance to not being able to move, and finally Will-O-Wisp cuts the opponent's attack in half while also taking 12.5% of the opponent's HP.

DO NOT: Teach your Pokemon multiple status conditioning moves because one target can only have 1 status condition. So, if a target is paralyzed, the target can not be burned, put to sleep, etc. Also, do not teach Pokemon a weaker version of Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, or Thunder Wave, and of course, do not teach your Pokemon sleeping moves with an accuracy of 55 or lower. This includes Sing, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, etc.

DO: Teach your Pokemon type coverage moves. For example, a Hydreigon is weak to Fairy types, yet it can learn Flash Cannon, which is a Steel type move, and Steel type moves are super effective against Fairy types.

DO NOT: Teach your Pokemon random attacking moves that do not match its type. If you do not know what STAB is, it means Same Type Attack Bonus. STAB applies to all Pokemon, and it means when a Pokemon uses a move the same type as it, the power of the attack is multiplied by 1.5. So, if you teach an Absol Psycho Cut instead of Night Slash, then that is a problem. Night Slash would instead have a base power of 105 instead of 70, but Psycho Cut stays at 70 due to STAB.

DO: Teach Pokemon moves based its most compatible Effort Value (EV). For example, an Espeon favors Special Attack most of the time instead of Attack, so you should teach Espeon moves like Psychic.

DO NOT: Teach Pokemon Physical AND Special moves because it is a waste of a moveslot. Unless you are using it for type coverage, a mixture of physical and special moves based on a lower Effort Value will not cause that much damage to an opponent.

Pokemon Double and Triple Battles

DO: Use powerful adjacent moves such as Earthquake and Surf, since it has a chance to wipe out multiple Pokemon in just one turn!

DO NOT: Use powerful adjacent moves with an ally Pokemon that is vulnerable. For example, do not use Earthquake if your ally is weak to Ground type moves, and do not use Surf if your ally is weak to Water type moves.

DO: Include attention moves if you can. This includes Follow Me or Rage Powder. These two moves are really effective when you have an ally Pokemon with high attack stats, but low defenses. You can also have one Pokemon raise stats while the other is taking all the damage from Follow Me or Rage Powder.

DO NOT: Use attention moves when your ally Pokemon has high defenses. It would just be a waste since the high defense Pokemon should be having Follow Me/Rage Powder in the first place. Also, do NOT forget about the effects of Rage Powder. Rage Powder does not work on Grass-Type Pokemon, so be careful!

DO: Bring different Pokemon types in battle. It's always okay to have Pokemon of the same type. Having Pokemon of different types can boost your team's resistance.

DO NOT: Have majority of your Pokemon the same type. It's very likely that your opponent has a super effective type against that type, and you can not really get a move in.

DO: Use moves that will distract the opponent from targeting a certain ally or user. This includes Fake Out, Scary Face, Thunder Wave, etc. You can use Fake Out to flinch the opponent, so the user/ally can do their job before getting knocked out. You can use Scary Face or Thunder Wave to make a powerful opponent go last, so you and the ally can attack the opponent before they even get to attack!

DO NOT: Spam speed lowering moves like Scary Face or Cotton Spore. One is enough, unless they somehow got their speed back by switching out, and in that case you would want to use Thunder Wave. You can use these moves twice on the same opponent if the opponent is really fast or you have a very powerful ally that is really slow such as Snorlax.

DO: Use Ally Switch if you can. In double battles, this move can act like Follow Me. If you do not want a certain ally to get attacked, then you should use Ally Switch, so that you will get attacked instead of the ally. Same goes with triple battles, but you can easily teleport to another spot if you do not want to shift all the time.

DO NOT: Always use Ally Switch. Eventually, the opponent is going to outsmart you and an important ally can get attacked.

THANKS FOR READING! I hope these Do's and Dont's helped you a lot! Peace :D
It didnt help me because I already knew them but it sure is nice for the people who barely or never played pokemon. But I have to say it depends also whenever you use pokemons for contests. But it sure is a fine list of do's and dont's.

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