Dragon's Lair Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)

Hey guys, this is Jack here and I would like to review an NES game that was from an awesome arcade game back in the 80's. The Dragon's Lair game in the arcade was one of the most innovative for it's time and it would catch the eye of any gamer because the game was an interactive disney-esque movie. You had to click the right button at the right time to see whether you progress onto the game or die. It is quite fun actually and seeing yourself dying is as fun as progressing onward XD. But one thing about this game was that it was SO DAMN HARD TO PLAY! However, that didn't stop players from being addicted to this legendary innovation in arcades. It was so famous, it turned into an NES game. So, I had a question, How can an interactive movie that is so goddamn difficult be transported into a console that can't support full motion video? Well, it is a sidescroller, let's look if it is as good as the original.

The first thing you know is that everything in this game KILLS YOU! I mean even when you touch the door or get hit by a small rock, you die in one hit, WHY?! Also, the controls are beyond awful, they are so delayed and slow I can't even comprehend how this can be ok for a sidescroller game.


At the first level of the game, you have to kill the dragon under the bridge as shown above. But the thing about this first level is that killing the dragon is a huge pain in the ass because you have to kill it by throwing daggers. I have a question though, WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYY DAGGERS?! Couldn't he have just used a sword like he did in the original arcade game? The daggers are just awful as they cannot hit the dragon since the dragon is too low to be hit with them. Also, this dragon spews out fire, adding salt to the wound. This is just impossible as you need to find a spot where you can hit the dragon and it takes forever to kill. Why is the first level of the game so goddamn hard? I DONT UNDERSTAND! sigh, as you progress onward, it is just a living nightmare, it just gets worse and worse as the difficulty is SO FRICKING HIGH!! The only way to beat this is to go through trial and error, which is similar to another god awful game called Sonic Rivals. Having Trial and Error as a way to beat the game IS NOT THE WAY TO MAKE A GOOD GAME!!!

I give this game a 2.1/10, the ridiculously clustered difficulty, god awful controls, along with trial and error gameplay just make it one of the most notorious and frustrating games in history!

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