DS vs Emulator: Which do you prefer?

I prefer DS, as last time I tried to play on an emulator, it wasn't quite up to snuff so to speak. But maybe it's progressed since then? I don't know, I'll have to check it out.
Generally speaking, emulators are never "the full package".
I've played PS1 games on bleem and PCSX, I've played PS2 games on PCSX2 and I've played Nintendo games on various Nintendo emulators.

I still prefer having and playing the original consoles. It just feels right.
You don't have to set-up a hundred of options in order to run a game - you just put it into the console and start.
In terms of hardware, almost all games are optimized to the fullest for the dual screen, flip style, stylus-based arrangement of the Nintendo DS. It is for this reason that I very much prefer playing games on the DS as opposed to on an emulator. The DS games simply lose their feel when played outside the console, while some games like Brain Age, actually become semi-unplayable.

The crew of various companies put a lot of work and effort into polishing and refining their product to the max before delivering it to us. And to say that we aren't going to give them a penny in compensation, and just download the game off the internet to play on an emulator is just plain disgraceful, I feel.
I agree with you polski.
I understand playing on emulators to see if you like the game, or if you really have no way of getting the original game (which I believe is the case in some countries), but if you can get the game - get it.
If you're not sure you'll like it, don't buy it until you try it on a friend's console or in a shop etc.
Though emulators can be much more customizable and have all sorts of different features I find gameplay best on a normal DS. To me it just feels more natural, besides, DS games were made for the DS anyways. The DS can run the game that was designed for it perfectly. Even though I prefer DS over emulator on gameplay, emulators tend to work best for anything else.
I prefer playing on the DS because using your mouse for the touchscreen is annoying and the keyboard controls feel uncomfortable, plus it also feels very unnatural to me. Over all it just doesn't feel right, unless I really want to I'll play it but if I have the choice definitely would I pick the DS. Oh, and it's also more fun in general, don't exactly know why but it's more fun playing games on the DS rather than on an emulator.
It depends on which device you're emulating the game on. Obviously if its a PC DS emulator, I would choose DS. The buttons mix me up, and the touchscreen is pretty annoying to control with the mouse. I can't get enough benefits to choose a PC emulator instead of a DS emulator. Switch over to Android, however, and it becomes apparent emulators are superior. My LG G3 can run any DS game perfectly, maybe even better than the Ds itself. All the benefits of a DS emulator are brought over, and your games are even more portable. You can have widescreen or portrait layout, and the touchscreen works just like on the DS. I even have a stylus to bring over that special DS feeling.
I would rather have the DS. Only because if I wanted to battle with other people or trade, I could be able to actually get all of the Pokemon I want fair game. But I could also see why the emulators are a lot better in terms of battery life and screen size.
DS for controls, it is WAY easier.
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A lot of games are really meant to be experienced on the original hardware, especially when it comes to the DS. For instance, Hotel Dusk is way cooler when you play it with the DS sideways, and Legend of Zelda Phatom Hourglass has that puzzle where you have to close the DS.
A non emulator, real DS does not need internet which is a plus. I can travel with it and take it where ever I want, besides the most fun part of video games is actually playing with them. With an emulator you miss the authentic experience of playing DS.
I think I would prefer an emulator to an actual DS. I don't think that I would be playing it if I traveled long distances. I think that if I REALLY wanted to play something, I would just play something on my phone. Also, with an emulator I would play some games that I probably wouldn't buy if I had an actual DS.
I've never owned a DS and have always played games on my emulator, so I guess I am partial towards it. I don't have to charge it, don't have to worry about it breaking and since I don't usually play games when I go outside, I don't need the portability either.

The biggest reason I prefer an emulator, however is that an emulator is totally free.
I have to agree with Awesome on this one, Emulators are free. In my life, that is a blessing. I have little and less in the way of material possessions after being homeless and having a rough go of it - but Emulators never fail me. They can travel with us no matter where we go, even if they're more cumbersome programs then using the actual proprietary system they're designed for (they being the games).
Emulators have their place and are always useful. But with handhelds, especially the DS I prefer to have it by the bedside so I can game a bit before dosing off. The Nintendo DS is one of those perfectly designed systems that no emulator can truly hold up to the original. Playing on the actual system is just so much better than playing on an emulator that I just don't even bother.
Initially I thought I would just point blank go with emulators. But giving it thought I would have the say the console is better for two reasons. 1.) The Nintendo DS has a touch screen function which is very necessary in most of the games, the touch function on the PC is not good with clicking and dragging. Though SOME games are okay enough to the point where it's playable, FPS games are completely unplayable. 2.) There is yet to be an emulator with solid LAN function to play between multiple PCs with friends. I cannot emphasize enough on how much of a set back this is. I would have to give it to official console. The PC emulators do have upsides but those major setbacks are enough to give the trophy to the console.
DS, definitely, but emulator when I can't be bothered to charge or want to try a certain game that I can't buy. I used to play My Japanese Coach when I was younger on the emulator, as I couldn't find the physical version anywhere (even online!). But for portability purposes the DS is way better, even if it's the 2DS.
It depends for me. But mostly I prefer the DS. Emulators can distort graphics and be a bit buggy.

Emulators are good for hacking or making videos. For example, I saw a video in YouTube where an emulator is used in finding a path to generate a seed for a shiny perfect starter (Pokemon Platinum). Scripts and states are used to speed up the process. You can't do that with the original DS. However, I'll say this at the risk of sounding like an impractical gamer, but I only use emulators to play games I already own. On the other hand, if you're just playing it for fun, then playing it with the DS is the best way - the way the creators intended.
I have to agree with @Guardian on this one, and while the emulators are very easy to use and there is more freedom with not having to worry about batteries or anything like that, but the controls for the DS make it a lot more fun to play. I do seem to put a lot more emphasis on the controls than other people do though, at least so I am told, so that might factor into my thinking. Thanks for sharing.
I prefer the DS. I mean preserving games through emulation is good and all but there's just some magic in the feel of holding the DS in your palms and enjoying the overall experience.

Of course it does help to say that for playing translated games, emulators are the easy option. Not to encourage emulation here....just saying that some games never get the localization that we demand and that's one of the only ways to play them.