E3 2018 Predictions (Games, Consoles, Developers, etc. that you think will be at E3 2018)


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Oct 23, 2017
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, a.k.a E3 2018, is being held from June 12-14, 2018.
This thread is for making your own predictions about E3 2018, such as what games you think will be presented, who will be presenting, who and/or what will win various Awards at E3 2018, etc.

NOTE: I am a big Nintendo fan, and know little about other video game companies, there games, there consoles, the games for there consoles, etc. so my predictions will mostly be about Nintendo

My current predictions (which I will update as we get closer to E3 2018, but not update to soon that much is known about what will happen at E3 2018, and my predictions aren't able to be actual predicitions):
-Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will present
-Nintendo will show off and/or have a playable demo of the games Kirby Star Allies, and the upcoming 2018 Yoshi Game which I predict is more likely to have more info shared about it, rather then a playable demo
-Nintendo will not host a physical press conference, and will continue to host a digital video press conference and/or video event
-Nintendo Switch will be among the top consoles being used and talked about at E3 2018 and lots of games will announced at E3 2018 will be either exclusive for the Nintendo Switch or have a version or port of it for the Nintendo Switch
-It will be open to the public again
- Will announce/show off a Switch Pokemon game.
- Will announce virtual console for the Switch.

- Games Games Games

- Will announce a bunch of games as "launch exclusive" in a deep voice trying to trick everyone that they have to have an xboner to play it even though it will come out at the same time or very shortly after on PlayStation and/or PC.
- Will show us more skills and ways to play Minecraft.
- Will tell us again how they have the most powerful console ever made but the least amount of exclusives.

Sorry, I'm not a fanboy of any particular console, I'm a fanboy of gaming in general. I've had an XBOX360 and an XBOX One and have sold them both because of how underwhelmed I have gotten from how Microsoft and Phil Spencer has treated that product. Both Sony and Nintendo are running the gaming world right now and I'm done spending money on XBOX's. It ends up just being a waste.
Bump because E3 2018 is coming in just a few months and it's almost the time when companies and presenters confirm details of there time at the next E3. Soon there will be little to predict except for what will be unveiled only during the actual E3 event.
What I'm hoping to see announced:

Forza Horizon 4
Halo 6
Starfield (rumored new Bethesda RPG)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Release date for Yoshi Switch
Super Mario Odyssey DLC
Release date for Metroid Prime 4
Release date for Pokemon Switch
I hope they announce a new Wario Ware game! The last one was in 2011 with DIY Showcase on the Wii.
More info on Mega Man 11 would be nice too.

But most importantly, hopefully a price drop on the Switch but that's unlikely :(
Apple Announces The Apple Pippin 2.
This is the last time I will bump this thread because the E3 2018 website has been updated and lots of companies presenting have now been confirmed, although no new games have been announced at the time of posting this reply. It will likely be a matter of time before some companies reveal there press conference plans and announce at least a few new games (often they keep some, or a lot of game announcments secret till E3 2018 actually happens) or games already announced that they will present at this years E3.
Last time I will bump this thread because E3 just started selling tickets on February 12th, 2018 and announced the ticket sale date about a week ago on there new website put on the web the same day (they had an old website with very few details prior to the new website). The new website includes the names of a lot of companies and other groups presenting, as well as a bunch of details on the event, with most specific details, mainly that of the people presenting at E3, yet to be confirmed and revealed. It is likely that very soon presenters, companies and other groups at E3 2018 will start revealing games they will be presenting and give specific details on there stuff at E3. Also only 3 games have been confirmed so far, and so this is a good time to make your last predicitions before some of the stuff predicted is revealed ahead of E3 2018.

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