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Mar 25, 2016
I feel like all the consoles suck starting out. PS4, XBox One, Wii U. And it isn't until about 4 years later that it is worth owning because it will have a lot of good games and supported accessories. I feel like the Wii U is getting to be one of the best consoles ever now and NX will probably bite starting out, for that reason. I more or less hated Wii U the first two years. Now it is my favorite console and I'm sad to let it go.
Sorry if what I said is a little blunt or missing the point, but I hadn't taken my medicine yet and I was up all night playing video games and watching cartoons on Hulu.
It doesn't matter I'd your post was blunt, you was telling the truth and I think most people if they're honest with themselves will say the same. Those that buy a console when it first comes out and say it's the greatest console ever are only fooling themselves.

It's going to take time for a console to bed into the market. Game developers will also have to get used to the system aswell, so it's going to take time for a new console to make its mark.
I hadn't bought a Wii U until a few months before Smash 4 came out. Though I was a lot less in the Nintendo and gaming loop back then, I hadn't wanted to buy a Wii U enough until that was coming out. Yeah, the Wii U has some pretty great games that released before, but it seems like just in the past year and a half or so that it is starting to shine. We have had Smash, Splatoon, and Mario Maker, to name a few.
I think your right, and the Wii U is a fine example of what we're saying. When a device first comes out, they're usually met with a mixed reactions and it takes a bit of time for it to come into its own. The recent games released for the Wii U as definitely made it more popular among the gaming community, when at the beginning, I'm not sure people we're all that impressed.
yes indeed, prime example: i had to have a wii u as soon as possible, got the pro controller for 50$, and bam! nothing i had yet was compatible with it. But now, i have nothing but fun times with the wii u. No regrets other than I'm not a zillionaire and could afford all the games for it, and have the time to play them all.

We also live in a very stupid time where people literally cry on social media all day about everything. Every day on Yahoo for the last two years has been articles on Nintendo's impending death. Yesterday there was "7 Reasons fans hate Nintendo" or some such. Puh-Lease.

I think I'm gonna wait on this NX business, simply because i have many games i'm just not finished yet on the wii u. No rush here.
Well this is just me personally and I fully acknowledge that but I've always been someone who enjoys being an early adopter. Though for the most part I kind of have to make due with launch titles but in some cases (i.e. Xbox One) there were games I really enjoyed that became main-stays for my collection.
I had to have a wii u as soon as possible, got the pro controller for 50$
Though I did get the Wii U in September 2014, I got my Wii U for $250. I also got my pro controller for only $15. I got some good deals. Obviously I got the Pro Controller on Ebay. It was brand new and still works fine. Glad I got it for such a fair price. :)
^ Glad you got a good one. There are a lot of fake controllers circulating EBay. But I imagine if yours still works, it's probably real.
i learned something new today: The thought of having to be careful of fake controllers never crossed my mind. Ive also never used eBay either. Wow thats sad
^ Yeah, if you buy off EBay you do have a chance of getting a counterfeit controller that looks 90-95% like a real one but isn't made as well and isn't official Nintendo brand.

If you stick to buying from legit stores like Best Buy, etc. though, the chances of getting a fake are almost entirely non-existent.
Yeah, I had to make sure that the person selling the controller had all positive reviews.
Some market places such as Amazon are a lot more reliable than eBay I've found, and while with Amazon you very rarely get inferior quality controllers and peripherals, eBay is full of them and you really do have to be careful who you buy from.
Having friends in the industry is cool, lemme explain to you exactly why this happens.

So when a new console is released, nobody knows the specs or what it can do. So basically, a year to six months beforehand, console developers get their NDAs going with major developers, tell them what their console will be able to do and let them start developing - truly trusted developers like EA start building way ahead of time and fix the code down the road if need be - they desperately want to have some of the first titles, because its easy money.

In other words, developers have SIX MONTHS sometimes of knowing what they're working with to get a launch by release time. When have you ever heard of a great game dropping 6 months? never.

So basically, these guys are all still working on last gen. They double down on the old console because its smarter for the developers, more people have the console, it's better for everyone.

Then...the new console starts to get more popular. The studios move to next gen development, but that takes years. In 2 or 3 years, they might have an AMAZING title ready...right before the next console is about to be announced in year 4~5. Later developers end up producing later and the cycle repeats.
Only Dreamcast launch within the past 3 console generations was it worth owning on day 1. It had easily one of the greatest launch lineups ever. Games poured like a broken faucet for a couple years. Sega released so many themselves but so many new IPs it was worth it. I have not seen a console like that since. Even PS2 was slow first 2 years.
I can see that being a problem with the Nintendo NX aswell to be honest, and that too will be slow to get going so to speak. Nintendo need to release the console with not only a decent amount of games but with games that people actually know about and are excited to play.

There's no point in Nintendo saying the NX will be released with fifty games already available, if nobody knows anything about them.

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