Earthbound and the Giygas Battle [Spoiler]


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Mar 26, 2013
For those of you who don't know, Earthbound was a JRPG on the Super Nintendo which combined time tested RPG mechanics with a sense of style that lampooned small town American asthetic to comical results. "Quirky" is probably the best word I can use to describe virtually any aspect of the game: It's music was unusual, bouncy, even scary sometimes; the graphic and character designs were all over the place, featuring people, cult memebers, lake monsters, yetis, aliens, bees and even sentient blobs of filth; and the story line was equally full of humorous moments in which you fight a 50's biker gang in control of a homemade tank and a trip through a city with a strange, neon, parallel world.

But this silliness hid a darker secret. The end of the game featured Ness and party being transformed into robots and entering this organic space to fight the game's main protagonist, Giygas. You enter a structure suspiciously reminiscent of a medical journal picture of a cervix and encounter a maddened, proto Giygas. As the fight progresses, you see the outline of an infant slowly coming into view. Suddenly, you realize, you were sent back to destroy Giygas when he was most vulnerable!

This is a highly disturbing theme even by modern standards and I wondered, do you think it was appropriate or was it too gruesome for a kid's game? Did you know what was going on when you were playing? The game does not bluntly state "Ness, go perform an abortion", but it is more than fairly suggestive that this is exactly what is going on. Though Earthbound had it's creepy moments, it was always tempered with cartoonish levity until this end moment. Thoughts?
I really liked Mother 3. I didn't get a chance to play all of the Earthbound games, and it's certainly been a while sense I played any of them, but after reading your post, it makes me want to dig it out of storage. In fact, I think I will.
Earthbound is one of my favorite games i love the music in each area of the game and it has a colorful fun touch to it and i agree i would call it quirky as well
man, earthbound is awesome... the only mother game i haven't beaten is mother 1 D:

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