Elder Scrolls Online will have a subscription model


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Jul 17, 2013
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So up to this moment there was no clear confirmation of just how ESO will be sold, but after a recent interview at Gamescom they have officially announced that the game will indeed have a subscription model like WoW. There's no solid confirmation on how much the monthly cost will be but as it stands they think that it will cost $14.99/€12.99/£8.99 which is quite a lot in comparison to the other large MMO's. Whatever the case, you can check out the full interview here:

And there goes m remaining interest for this game. As if the downright boring combat system was not hideous enough. I a not paying a subscription fees for this game.
Yeah I'm not too impressed with the payment model. But if you look at all the recent games that had a payment model ,none of them actually made it very far, I think that The Old Republic and Rift were fairly recent examples. I'm 90% sure that it will go free to play after a couple of months. The time of subscription based MMO's has long passed in my opinion.
It depends on what else is there - people like combat sure, but the biggest part of Elder Scrolls for me was exploration and story and discovery and whatnot. So if the rest of the world were great I'd be all over it. If I paid for things like this - just all over it like white on rice in a bowl of milk outside in a snow storm. So yeah.

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