Epic or Fail?


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64
There is no question that Nintendo rules the gaming handheld market with their DS system. But do you think they can carry that success over to the mobile market?

Do you think Nintendo will do well or just crash and burn?
Nintendo always does well at my house, but i really don't care to play games on my phone. Maybe they'll change my mind. I tried Ms Pacman on an iPad once, and found it so awkward i hated it. We shall see
I don't see why Nintendo would crash and fail in the mobile market. They have a fantastic success rate with the hand-held market from the GameBoy market onward, and would likely do quite well porting classics like Tetris and Dr. Mario to mobile platforms before moving to new games that would also likely do well--especially if they're linked to Nintendo's popular franchises.

The factors that lead to Nintendo's only real notable failure (that I'm aware of) encroaching into a new market, The Virtual Boy, aren't present here. I.e. The issues of the technology not catching up with the concept and not having a sufficient library etc do not apply.
Nintendo will do very well in the mobile market, their franchises are renowned all around the world. And I also believe that Nintendo will make games that play very well on mobiles, even with limited touchscreen interaction. I expect the quality of Nintendo's mobile games to be so high, that dominant companies like Supercell and King will be threatened.

Ultimately, time will tell how successful Nintendo will be in the mobile space. However, the odds are in Nintendo's favor even though I'd prefer they stick to consoles and handhelds.
Without a doubt, this would be beyond epic! I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up being some of the highest selling mobile games ever, if they play their cards right. A lot of the Super Nintendo games I feel would translate so easily to mobile. It's a huge untapped market and Nintendo needs to jump on it ASAP!
I don't understand why Nintendo hasn't expanded to the mobile network yet - it seems like there's a huge amount of revenue to be had that is just sitting there, untapped. People have already managed to emulate some Nintendo games on mobile, so we knew already that it works and it is possible.

A majority of Nintendo games would translate perfectly to mobile, seems like a no-brainer to me.
well according to yahoo, again, now that apple has shown the new apple tv, with its fancy motion control and new gaming options, Nintendo is dead in the water. again again. (paraphrasing here) the motion games will hurt the wii sales. wii

in my little box at the bottom of the page i simply replied "Please"
It will take a lot more than that to destroy and bury the Nintendo, the Apple TV is just joining the competition and race to win our hearts. The Nintendo shall live on...Trust me
Nintendo and hand-held consoles are like bread and butter. I'm convinced they will succeed in the mobile market. There is so much potential in this market! As I checked my Facebook this morning I noticed someone posted this:

This made me go crazy! I was a big Pokemon fan when I was younger but nothing more than occasionally playing the games and watching the show. This brings Pokemon to a whole other level and opens the doors to even more incredible things! Like someone pointed out in the comments, imagine the potential with the Google glasses!!!

I guarantee you that Nintendo will do wonders on Mobile.

Its just that it gives me the fear that they will stick to mobile gaming after they realize that they are making big cash because of this.
Depends on what kind of content they put out there. With new apps ruling and making a ton of money there is no reason to think that a big market like Nintendo can't compete but they need to do it the right way.
In today's society, I don't think they are really concerned with the mobile market, but I do think they would make a killing as far as the types of games they would create.

I don't think they would ever do it because they might be making more money with hand held consoles. At first I thought you were talking about them making cell phones, but I read the other comments.
I love the freedom of being able to play games on my phone anytime and anywhere and so that would really work out great for me.
Well I would really like to think so, but then again I cannot help but think that they might be behind a little bit when it comes to mobile gaming. I think that I would like to see more of it though, and having more options is never a bad thing for me. I would have to guess that it would fall somewhere between something spic and a big fail, maybe like a "pretty good" or something. I am curious to see what happens, though, so thanks for sharing.
Only once has Nintendo legit crashed and burned. Virtual Boy. Even Wii U is not the disaster people think it is.
I think what will make a the big difference is the games that they decide to launch for it. It's not an easy market seeing as smartphones are getting better and can do more.

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