Error 2162-0002 when switching gamecard


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Dec 25, 2021
If I switch my gamecard from Animal Crossing to Mario Kart I get error message 2162-0002.

I tried all steps from the Nintendo website, but no result. The only thing I did not try was doing a reset to the original setting with keeping my saved things. I am scared to lose my Animal Crossing islands if I would try this option. Is this correct?

Is my Mario Kart gamecard broken?


Try to switch off the Nintendo Switch properly and wait for a couple of seconds before turning it on. Restart the console by long-pressing the Power button for around 3 seconds.
Check for the possible software update on your Switch, if available. Once you’ve updated the device firmware to its latest version, the problem should be fixed automatically.
Finally, you will need to boot your Nintendo Switch to Safe Mode. In order to do this, power off the console > Press and hold the Volume Down + Volume Up buttons together > Press and hold the Power button as well [DO NOT release Vol down and Vol up buttons] > The Safe mode or Maintenance mode will appear > Release the buttons and boot it into the Safe mode.

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