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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
So im on a kind of DIY kick, and i want to hardwire the Roku in the living room so i can watch my WWE Network and Netflix with the max speed and whatnot. My question/problem is this:

The wire will have to be ran about 10 feet outside the house, under a covered carport, then into the attic. Is Ethernet cables able to withstand this alone, or do i need to cover them with pipes or something. Also, are they rated for the extreme heat of a Louisiana summertime attic? Anybody have a little expertise to share? Also, should i get the latest/greatest speed cable?
When it comes to ethernet cables...
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I just buy the cheapest, long cable I can find! If it was going to go outside I would probably get some PVC or something to cover it.
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@dustinb12 No, you should not run that cable outside! I'm assuming that it is just a standard CAT5E or CAT6 cable. They do make outdoor/UV rated cable. It is, however, much more expensive and I don't know if you can just buy a pre-made cable that is outdoor/UV rated cable; which means you would have to purchase either a 500' or 1000' spool of it. You could try it, and you may get a year out of it, maybe two since you don't live in MN like myself.

I don't know exactly your situation, but maybe you could run it all inside by using some wire mold. I work with cabling in my profession and sometimes there's just no way. You can get some pretty decent wire mold that doesn't look too bad.
Above link for an idea. In a pinch I'll go to Menards to pick up wiremold. We usually get it from a local vendor like Viking Electric, but I don't think they'll sell to an individual. You'd have to be a company to purchase it.

Hopefully that will help!
@MilkBone Sweet! thanks, this does help tremendously. I took a step back to do more research and that's right: They only sell it in spools at the big stores. Lowe's and Home Depot. I am not buying special tools to just run a couple lines so i think im going to order it specially. I'll start with CAT 6, 60 feet and it will have to be coated because of the humidity here. It will run out then up the house about 8 feet. It will be under the carport, then into the attic. I would love to run it up the wall into the cabinets, but its just not gonna work.

I got the Royal Rumble coming up man, i gotta get the most out of my Roku!
Update and done:

i got the direct burial/coated CAT 6. 60 feet for 55$. It is VERY sturdy. Running it was as much a pain in the butt as expected but it's making a big difference on the Roku. Im averaging around 3 Mbps and 1080 on Netflix. WWE Network is faster, more responsive and everything sounds way better. Nothing is blurry. So far so good

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