Ever played River City Ransom?


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Nov 1, 2012
Have any of you here ever played River City Ransom? It was probably the coolest NES game at the time. It played a lot like today's remake of "Scott Pilgrim Vs the World".

You could buy food for HP, other foods for stat gains, learn special moves (just changed your punch or kick to special ones, or made your jump into an attack etc)

You had to fight through the streets side-scroller beat-em-up style (you could move up and down in the map, but the direction of travel was left and right to advance) and fight mini bosses. The most awesome boss battle music ever:

I was a big fan of River City Ransom back when I spent most of my time playing roms. You have a point in that it was probably a big inspiration of SPVTW, what with everything you buy either being a health item or something that increases your stats and enemies exploding into coins. The closest game to it I can think of is Riki Kunio, an NES game with the same control scheme and character design. The RPG elements are watered down and the story is replaced by you being some kind of tournament fighter, though. I don't know, maybe you'd want to check it out.
I do not believe I ever played this game. Was it one of the popular titles or something you rarely saw? I have a few games that I played maybe once, but I can never remember what they were.
I remember this game. And I remember loving it too. The problem is though that this game went under the radar and underappreciated because it was competing with Double Dragon at time.
Yeah I remember this game it was released for the NES around the late 80s I believe. The plot was high school students Alex and Ryan cross River City to save their Ryan's girlfriend Cyndi from the bad guy in the game called "Slick". You have to go through several gangs throughout the game to get to the final boss. That was an awesome game and will go down in NES history as a true classic.

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