Ex Rare employee will publish new game "Rusty Pup" to Wii U Eshop


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Jun 20, 2013
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Chris Seavor, the mastermind behind Conker's Bad Fur Day, is bringing his new 2D platformer to the Eshop Next year. The game will be Dark, but not gory or innapropriate. It will have a mature theme. Although it is a 2D platformer, Seavor expresses that the game will still have a great deal of depth. The story is a very sad one, and is "dark as in mature". Seavor also teases a gameplay mechanic where the players actions will affect something else in the Gameworld. He was not a liberty to discuss anything else about the gameplay, other than it will have "hints of Lemmings in it." The game is due out next year on both the wii u and 3DS Eshops.

Source: http://mynintendonew...eshop/
This sounds interesting. I am happy to hear more 'dark' titles are coming to Nintendo in general as this is one area where there is a general lack.

It will be good if this thread continues to be updated as more news comes out about the game.
I will do that! This game does sound very interesting, and if it is made by the mastermind behind Conker, than it has to be good!
I didn't like Conker's Fur Day, but this sounds interesting in nature so I'll keep an eye out. Of course...the WiiU seems to be focusing on bringing in players that might have felt excluded last time around so I'm not too surprised to hear about more "dark" themes - although something tells me Shattered Memories is still the champion.

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