External HDD recognized but some games fail due error 160-0105


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Feb 11, 2017
I bought a external HDD (Toshiba Canvios 3.0 compatible with 2.0), also I bought the usb y cable! the disk was recognized without any issue, even I moved some previous games (in a USB drive) to the disk and install a new games without any issue but when I try to play some games basically said that there be a problem with my USB storage device ~ error 160-0105, the weird thing is that this is not happening in all the games just some of them any idea about what can be the issue?
It's really hard to say. I'd start by making sure your hard drive is compatible off Nintendo website's list, then either way, make sure it was formatted on the Wii U and not a PC.
yeah, Nintendo is pretty strict on which drives it likes. I made sure to get one off their list

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