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Thanks for the reminder, I need to set up my Twitter account today. I keep meaning to do it but always seem to forget while I'm playing a game. Doh! I'll have it set up tonight. Cheers.
That's a great idea! I liked and followed, respectively. I think Facebook is a great platform for getting the word out on this forum, too; I noticed a lot of serious Nintendo fans in my newsfeed alone. Have you thought about promoting the forum at reddit?
We haven't posted anything on reddit yet, but as soon as there's something worthwhile to share, we're there! :)
Now that @iceskater101 is in charge of our Facebook page, we can use this thread to discuss the state of our social media presence. Other members can pitch in ideas about what we should be posting on Facebook and elsewhere.

Btw, anything that's shared on Facebook also automatically goes to Twitter.
Yep! As of right now, I have been posting gaming news regarding nintendo and anything funny that I have found. For example I posted Conan O'Brien reviewing Super Smash Bros on the page. If you have any cool findings.. you should message me about them and I can post them on the page. If you have any suggestions, let me know! Also please like the facebook page!
I haven't seen it yet. Maybe we could also target Youtube? Eg show everyone the tournaments we host ect.
ok so contrary to my previous statements and feelings about social media, i am officially on twitter. i did add this site so yeah let's spread the good word

i go by Dustinb_12, and i have a Toad pic
I followed u on twitter

And also for anybody interested am also on twitter follow me or I won't give u any Dora fruit snacks

Twitter: Thekid831
While I would like and follow, I don't see a point to it anymore seeing as nothing's been updated for months.
Just followed you guys on Twitter!


Looks like you guys haven't tweeted in a while.

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