Failed NES accessories: R.O.B. the robot


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Jul 9, 2013
Does anyone else remember R.O.B. the robot? This thing was the biggest hunk of junk on the planet! I remember I begged my parents to get me the NES that came with it and they did. It also came with the game Gyromite. First off, the darn thing would move so darn slow, and on top of that sometimes it would freeze! After a while, I was just putting rocks on the buttons of the second controller just to hold them down, instead of using the robot. After 3 days, it was disconnected and it sat in my closet for years, until my mother either gave it away or threw it out.
I wanted that robot. Not because I thought it would be great to play with, but because I was really into robots. Sadly... I did not have the funds to purchase it. Which is probably just as way - I ended up wasting future funds on things like... Virtual boy glasses. I have a problem. One I don't intend to fix.
Haha, my dad has this thing somewhere! What a joke it was. I still can't figure out any way it could be useful!
Your dad played NES?

We need a thumbs up smiley here.
Yeah, my dad was a huge gaming nut! He hasn't bought a console since the N64 though. He also loved PC gaming.

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