Failed NES accessories: The Power Glove


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Jul 9, 2013
Who remembers the Power Glove? I didn't have one and to this day i still thank my lucky stars I didn't. It was horrible! A friend of mine had it. There were only like 2 games made for it and both of them were terrible. I remember the game with the ball and I kept trying to throw the ball at the screen and it wasn't working, oh man I hated it. Plus the darn thing didn't even fit right either.
I never owned one, but I do remember when they came out. At the time, it seemed like a money making gimic, without any really practical value. The technology of the days was primitive compared to now. I think if the glove was invented now, it would work pretty good.
Yeah, I have heard it was a pretty terrible device, just like every peripheral Nintendo has made.
They actually made an episode of "Regular Show" that had to do with this. Well, actually it was about Mordecai caring more about winning a gaming tournement then being a good friend to Rigby, but the prize was a really sucky Power Glove expsy. So yeah. I recall the glove and more recall the decision not to waste money on it.
The juxtaposition of these two comic book panels capture how excited we were (as children of the 1980's) about Nintendo's Power Glove, and how soul-crushingly disappointed we were when we finally got to use one for ourselves. The Power Glove: "It's so bad!" ;)

I own one currently. As well as the advantage, power pad, u-force, several customized Zappers, laser scope, and a speed board. I do not own R.O.B...yet...
I have a hard time hating on any NES accessory. Regardless of how bad they initially were the improvements over time to where they are now and nostalgia seems to make up for it with me.
I watched The Wizard thrice in theaters as a kid. Needless to say, I bought the Power Glove. Any movie that has their antagonist wielding some unruly weapon ensures that their fanbase buys said weapon.

I was so disappointed when I played with it. In the movie, it seemed like it allowed flawless control of the game. In real life, it just made me suck more. But it will always hold some place in my heart, because it was special to me then. And now, in the words of that guy from The Wizard whose name I don't remember:

"I love the Power Glove... It is so bad."
polski691 said:
And now, in the words of that guy from The Wizard whose name I don't remember:

"I love the Power Glove... It is so bad."
The Wizard's laughable, supposedly-badass-supergamer character was named Lucas, and was played by Jackey Vinson.


Lucas' impressive NES collection and mad gamer skillz would pardon his questionable taste in accessories, were it not for his smug superiority complex and general obnoxiousness!

(Although smugness and obnoxiousness pales in comparison to the later real-life crimes committed by Jackey Vinson, but I digress.)

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