Fanboying: is it hurting the game industry?


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Feb 18, 2013
I don't think so, but I doubt it's helping any. The way I see it blind brand loyalty leads to companies doing whatever they feel - DRM, Digital only, etc. It also leads companies to play it "safe" and not bother investing other avenues. Also it is just really annoying -really, really annoying. In can also be blamed for pushing folks away from the field do to be some aggressively ugly. Anyway what are your thoughts?
It never helped the cause and probably never would. Why you become a fanboy, you turn a blind eye n everything else and start to obsequiously praise your side.
It's perfectly okay to be a fan of a particular console manufacturer or developer. However, it's a bit dumb to stick any of them on a pedestal and go into full fanboy mode on the internet. It just makes gamers look like a bunch of immature adolescents that don't have many redeeming qualities. I always tell people to just enjoy the games and not get terribly precious or defensive about a particular brand in the industry.

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